Welcome to Wanderlustyle’s Bucket List! This list is growing as we read and see more things we want to do during our travels!

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1. See the 7  Ancient Wonder’s of the world (what’s left of it any way)
2. See the 7 Modern Wonder’s of the world
3. See the 7 Wonders of Nature
4. See the 7 Wonders of Man
5. Travel to Tahiti
6. Travel to Australia
7. Skydive
8. Take a picture of the Milky Way
9. Hike the Inca Trail
10. Feed a Giraffe at Giraffe Manor
11. Snowboard then surf in the same 24-hour period
12. Kiteboard
13. Wakeboard
14. Heavy mud off roading
15. Go to an NBA game
16. Go to a finals NBA game (front row seats)
17. Go to an NFL game
18. Go to a Super bowl
19. Visit all Hawaiian Islands
20. Snow tubing!
21. Travel to Italy! – Rome! -Pompeii!
22. Travel to Santorini, Greece
23. Travel to Vancouver
24. Sand board; specifically in major sand dunes
25. Race a car against people, not for time but an actual race
26. Do the water jetpacks
27. Visit Dubai
28. Visit Anger Room in Europe
29. Stay in a cabin
30. Sail the 7 seas!
31. Ride a hot air balloon
32. Ride a camel
33. Walk on a glacier
34. Swim with dolphins
35. Stay in an igloo
36. Cage diving with sharks  (Done in Hawaii)
37. Pet a Kangaroo
38. Island hop in Fiji
39. Stay at an over water bungalow
40. Visit Maldives
41. Visit Thailand
42. Gamble in Vegas
43. White water rafting
44. Visit Japan
45. Visit Harry Potter sites in London
46. Visit El Nido, Palawan
47. Go to Grand Canyon & Horseshoe Bend
48. Go paragliding
49. Take a tour in a helicopter 
50. Go snowboarding
51. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
52. Visit Costa Rica
53. Jacuzzi in the snow
54. Visit Iceland
55. See the northern lights
56. See the Eiffel Tower
57. Devil’s Pool
58. Driving the Amalfi Coast
59. Go on a Europe cruise
60. Go on a cruise 
61. Hawaii cruise
62. Coming soon….

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