Tis the season for dressing up in costumes and picking pumpkins! Oahu has a few local patches/farms that are great for families. This year Hawaii has been bombarded with tropical storms; it rained on and off for about a month and a half which but brought us very lush surroundings but the farms took a hit. The pumpkin patches were not able to produce as much fruit this year due to all the moisture which resulted in pumpkins getting shipped from California – and to top it off, they were big or too many of them for that matter. Either way, visiting these patches are a great family activity that everyone can enjoy with much entertainment.

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Aloun Farms definitely wins with the most entertainment. There are all types of booths and vendors (also sponsors, i.e. Geico and local radio stations); very ‘commercialized’. Kids would love it here as there are many activities for children but not so lenient on their parents wallet. It was very busy and outrageously hot! Bring your own water to save some money, a kart to hall your pumpkins (and other items), sunscreen, hats, and even an umbrella. The location is the Ewa Plains which can get very hot and humid so be prepared; it can get very unpleasant.









Many places to pick up a quick meal!

If you came specifically to gather vegetables, fruits, and pumpkins without the back-breaking labor, then on over to the Ewa Sweet Market where everything is set out for you in crates. It may not be the ‘best’ or ripest looking ones but it does save you a trip of going into the patches – definitely saves you from the heat but waiting in the long line will cause you to sweat too.


There was no wash rack to clean up but it wasn’t really needed because the dirt here was dry, making it dusty.

ProTip: Roll up all your windows when leaving the farm – it gets extremely dusty exiting!




Location: 91-1440 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei, HI 96707

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, October 10-11, 17-18, 24 and 25th 2015 from 8:30 am to 5pm

Price: Admission is $3 (2 & under free). Hayrides and Parking ARE FREE! Pumpkins will be priced according to individual size.

Tip: They only accept cash. No Checks or Credit cards.

For more information about Aloun Farms, visit here.



Of the two farms we visited, this one was our favorite. It may not have had as much entertainment as Aloun Farms but it sure had a better layout and cooler things to do in my opinion. Landon and I enjoyed firing pumpkins from a slingshot and catapult (great for kids of all ages!). We also fired a golf ball from a potato gun while Mary enjoyed the sunflower maze.
This year there were more pumpkins in Waimanalo, bigger ones too, and had a wash area to clean yourself up. I would recommend wearing shoes if you don’t mind getting muddy or even slippers since you can wash the mud off after your walk-around. The mud here is very sticky and clumps together. Being on the East Side (the wet/cooler side) it was so much more bearable than Aloun Farms. Either way, they had a homemade lemonade stand to help cool off! Another plus to this farm was free parking/entry and it was not as crowded as Aloun Farms.






Refreshing lemonade with different flavors!








Many more perfectly ripe pumpkins and plenty of locally grown ones to choose! As far as we were told, Waimanalo farms did not have to ship in pumpkins from the mainland.



Location: 41-225 Lupe St. Waimanalo, Hi. 96795

Dates: Every Saturday and Sunday throughout October from 9am to 5pm

Price: Free parking and admission from what I’ve read. All activities are $3 each, or you can buy an Activity Pack for $10 and get unlimited access to all of them. Pumpkins prices range from $1 for the mini size, up to $20 for large size.

For more information about Waimanalo Farms,visit here.


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