This is one of the best sponges I’ve purchased! I love traveling with a beauty blender and $12 for 10 sponges is an amazing deal!

Apply makeup like a pro with this set of 10 blending sponges. Indented sides and multiple shapes and sizes make these sponges easier to use and more versatile to apply long-lasting, smooth foundation, concealer, primer, cream shadows, blush, and even loose powder. Use the rounded sides to sweep makeup across your cheeks and forehead. Utilize the flat bottom to press in extra foundation, primer or concealer around the eyes and nose. Take the pointed tip to precisely target harder-to-reach areas near the nose and brows, or to fan out concealer over blemishes. Sponges are reusable and latex-free to reduce allergy risk. They are also a breeze to clean with soap and water.


  • The silky, antimicrobial, latex-free material ensures that these blending sponges won’t irritate your skin, no matter how often you use them,- Latex-free & Vegan, Multipurpose Shapes & Colors – Set Of 10
  • SHANY blenders do not retain excess water, absorb less products, double in size when wet and a full set of SHANY Blenders cost less than one blender from ordinary brands
  • The bright assortment of colors helps with organizing your reusable sponges and keeping track of their cleaning routines
  • Sponges can be used for a range of products, including the application of makeup foundation, Cream Contour Kit, concealer, loose powder, cream blushes, and shadows
  • SHANY Cosmetics is a proud member of PETA and all of our products are 100% cruelty-free. This set was designed in the U.S.A.