Going on a tropical winter vacation? During a Hawaiian winter, we experience some light rain showers and massive cold fronts that can drop the temperature to as low as 54 Fahrenheit/12 Celsius. This is cold for us so we take full advantage of this in dressing up that’s fitting for the elements. In this post, I incorporate how to pack light by using a carry on and while using basics, how to dress it up differently. Here are some outfits I would wear if visiting a tropical location like Hawaii.


First Outfit: Day & Night

This outfit can be worn in the same day for a day to night outfit or different days entirely. If I were to wear it different days, I would separate the days to a few in between to limit the “same outfit different day” appearance. I would wear it later in the week, making it two outfits with a little change up in the details!
Dress: Old Navy // Sunglasses: Kate Spade // Flats: Jeans Warehouse // Belt: H&M // Knee High Boots: Just Fab // Leggings: TargetGOPR2103


Second Day Outfit

I love playing with accessories! Adding a hat or switching it out with a scarf is an easy fix that can change the dynamic of any outfit quickly!
Shirt: Old Navy // Skirt: Cotton On  // Boots: Just Fab // Scarf: H&M // Hat: Wet SealGOPR2118


Third Day Outfit

Using the same basic black shirt, I paired it with green pants, a different scarf, and same boots from the previous outfit.
Shirt: Old Navy // Pants: Charlotte Russe // Boots: Just Fab // Scarf: Charlotte RusseGOPR2121

Fourth Day Outfit

Playing with white shirts and basic leggings, this outfit can really go well with any accessory: I can create different styles with two basic outfits. I decided to style it with a scarf and flats.
Shirt: Old Navy // Leggings: Target // Flats: Jeans Wearhouse // Scarf: H&MGOPR2123

Fifth Day Outfit

Using the same basic outfit from the previous day with different outerwear.
Shirt: Old Navy // Leggings: Target// Jacket: H&M // Flats: Jeans WearhouseGOPR2127

Sixth Day Outfit

Similar outfit from the third day, I decided to match it with this faux jacket for a more night time look.
Jacket: Hollister // Shirt: Old Navy // Pants: Charlotte Russe // Boots: Just FabGOPR2131

Bathing Suit

You can’t forget a pair of bathing suit for a tropical winter vacation! During the day, the sun is out making for a perfect beach day.
Bathing suit: Triangl


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