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After spending over half a year in Anchorage, Alaska, aptly nicknamed America’s “Last Frontier”, the cold was something unforgettable. To be frank, locals emphasize I lived through a “light winter” with the lowest temperature reaching a bone-chilling -2F/-19C blizzard-like conditions during my tenure. Being from Hawaii, Alaska was the complete opposite in terms of weather but every moment was exciting as the beauty of the landscape enthralled me, just as home does. The rawness brought back a sense of ‘connectedness’ with nature and all of life. I made a promise to return to Alaska and put it on display the best way I know: photography & writing.


Fast forward a little over a year later and as I was browsing the web, Expedia offered a great deal heading to Alaska that I couldn’t pass up! Through the Expedia app alone, you can: book flights, hotels, cars, activities, and packages. With its user-friendly interface, the app was my ultimate travel companion in preparing and executing my plans.




Using the Expedia Mobile App – I rented a car to explore Anchorage for the week, booked a stay with Sockeye Inn, and did a few activities. Expedia offers multiple activities within the area and I went with visiting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and Alyeska!





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Expedia helped fulfill that promise in going back to Anchorage, Alaska but this time, during late summer! Traveling in itself to anywhere, for however long, can always be a beneficial experience as long as we are always open to learning. We love traveling as a family together and do so just about every trip however, sometimes it’s not possible. So this trip would be one of my first ones and I didn’t know what to expect but set a goal to just live in the moment and be present.


Additionally, there are at least 3 benefits that I discovered one may not expect when traveling solo:

If you’re like most, traveling alone can be frightening at first. Yet, after solo travel, no matter for how long, you just stepped out of your comfort zone which subconsciously compounds into confidence. Being bold and asking questions, talking to strangers, taking risks are all small ways in stepping out of your comfort zone. Doing the opposite of what you normally do (ie confident risks), creates new neurological pathways (memories/habits) that help cultivate a new reality when returning home.

That boost of confidence can trickle down to work ethic at home with newfound energy to work on your goals. For the lackadaisical like me, solo travel can be a refresher for the brain and motivator for many to push on toward their goals after returning from a trip. Coming back into the fold of days after a solo trip has helped realign and recalibrate my goals.

Unlike our mobile devices that at most captures 3 of our traditional senses (eye, ear, feel), nature ignites the usage of all 5 senses. Feel the soft breeze, smell the fresh air, see the trees rustle, hear the bird chirp, and taste (if you’re snacking on an organic apple). However, being in nature does not mean we are aware of it. Our earphones can take us out of nature and put us right back into the mindset of worry and what we are needing a break from. Let your thoughts go back out into nature. The only way to connect is to disconnect from any distractions and have a conscious awareness of what is going one. Nature will, in turn, provide oxytocin and serotonin, feel-good hormones that can, like in my experience, eventually lead to new creativity. We are not separate from nature but a part of it.




“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”
– Albert Einstein

Quick Tip for getting back to awareness: pause, look up, and observe the clouds for a few breaths until you can see their movement.

When I wasn’t wandering off into nature, being disconnected or getting captivated by aerial views of Alaska, I used the Expedia app which was the ultimate travel companion. You go farther by saving big on hotels, flights, things to do, sights to see and get helpful reminders for people like me who always tends to forget. Plus, when you book exclusively through the Expedia app, you’ll earn double reward points and will often find better deals and more savings! For international travelers, the Expedia Mobile App has a helpful feature called hotel taxi card, which will provide directions in the local language.

With the easy functionality of the Expedia app, I was able to venture in nature a little longer without worry. It ultimately led me to create new ideas for my work and overall peace of mind.

Expedia reported more than 60% of travelers will take a solo trip by next year. Keep in mind, you don’t need to travel somewhere exotic, expensive or foreign to have a new experience. When that burst of inspiration strikes, you can easily book your next adventure with Expedia. You can backpack in your own village, city, or country. The main criteria for traveling solo is to reconnect with nature which in turn, helps you grow internally as you become aware of yourself, your habits, your thoughts.


My goal was to capture The Last Frontier’s raw side, the cascading waterfalls, roaming moose, cloudless peaks but found myself reconnecting with not only to nature but to myself. I had a lot of time in nature to reflect and come back to a balance. For those who are reading this and questioning whether or not you should attempt to travel solo? The answer is a solid DO IT. The physical experience is one thing but the mental benefits of traveling solo are numerous. Start your plan with the Expedia App!

Book your very own trip via the Expedia Mobile App using the following: SOLOTRAVEL (download and/or book in the app to get the 10% discount. Valid on hotels only!)


  1. Traveling alone can give myself time to have introspection rather than busy for work or kids.

  2. Heck yeah! We all need that RNR in some form or another! Personal care is important 🙂 so we can in turn help others around us.