Looking for something exciting to do in order to start the New Year off right in Paradise?! Unfortunately, a few years ago, Hawaii passed a law banning its citizens from popping regular fireworks. The most one can look forward to pop are sparklers/morning glories. Have no fear, there are still copious activities to participate in! Since we covered 4th of July on Oahu, we decided to share some ideas for New Year’s Eve!


Obviously, synonymous with New Years are things that go BOOM! Since the Majority of the population (of tourists) resides in town (Waikiki) you can catch the fireworks throughout the area quite easily.

Waikiki Beach – This is the main place for everyone on the island to watch the fireworks since its free for the public. The show will start at 11:55 P.M. Fireworks will be fired up every minute on a barge leading up to the finale at midnight! This is a 10-12 minute show to enjoy with family and friends. For more information, visit here.

Kahala Hotel – If you’re a guest at the hotel, it’s a perfect view for the fireworks! If not, celebrate New Year’s Eve poolside by purchasing tickets for the event. For more information, visit here.


Not in the mood for explosions? How about a chill night dining with your loved ones.

Kai Market – Located at Sheraton hotel, is a great dinner buffet! They are offering first and second seating. Second seating is for 21+ and will include entrance to the NYE Party. For more information, visit here.

Dinner Cruises – One of our favorite dinner cruises is Star of Honolulu. They are doing a New Year’s Eve fireworks dinner cruise! For more information, visit here.


Aloha Tower – Open for all ages. They are hosting the New Year’s Eve Party of the year. If you are a party goer, this is where you want to be! There are different areas filled with food trucks, entertainment and fireworks. Although open to all, some areas are 21+ only. General admission starts at $45. For more information, visit here.

Sky Waikiki – We love the view from this venue. Great place if you’re spending it with friends! Don’t recommend coming here with children, at least not on a night out like NYE. They will be hosting a Masquerade Ball. Also, if you do go here, we HIGHLY recommend tasting their Garlic Chicken Sliders with macaroni – you won’t regret it! For more information, visit here.

Trump Hotel – Every year, Trump hosts a great party for 21+. This years theme is Casino Royale (black tie and gown is optional). For more information, visit here.

Bonus option: if you don’t care for fireworks or events, check out the Christmas lights. Throughout Oahu, dedicated and festive neighbors get together and have friendly competitions for best decorations. Here is a great link for specific street names: see the lights! Our personal favorite from the list is 2020 Hillcrest Street, Honolulu. We visit every year.

Honolulu City Lights – Finally, for the cheapest thrill, walk around and enjoy the city lights from 8am-11pm. It’s a free event! For more information, visit here.

There are many things to do to bring in the new year right while in paradise. Take full advantage; do them all, do only one or come back every year and do one at a time. What’s your favorite on the list? Have you done something else you recommend?

The craziest thing I’ve heard being done is night surfing at Duke’s Beach/Canoes with flares to bring the new year in. Above everything else, have fun and stay safe all!



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