I am a bit of a slipper snob. Living in Hawai’i, slippers is a necessity and part of everyday wardrobe. A spare of slippers is a must — in the gym bag, the hiking backpack, in the car, because you just never know when you feel like having a beach day. Better to be prepared and ready! Since it is used daily as a mode of transportation for our feet, having comfortable and durable slippers is an essential.

kaka'ako kasuals, limualua slippers, limulua, hawaii slippers

We were recently introduced to Kaka’ako Kasuals and had the chance of trying their newest line of slippers, “Limulua“. Before we get into the features of the new slippers, let’s talk about the company behind the footwear designed in Hawai’i. Kaka’ako Kasuals is a family-owned, native-Hawaiian, and woman-run business on Oahu. Their artists and designers are local people in Hawaii and they carry footwear for the entire family. Such as slippers, reef walkers, t-shirts, towels, and more!

kaka'ako kasuals, limualua slippers, limulua, hawaii slippers
kaka'ako kasuals, limualua slippers, limulua, hawaii slippers
kaka'ako kasuals, limualua slippers, limulua, hawaii slippers


The newest addition to Kaka’ako Kasuals is their Limu Line — two years in the making! This is the Limulua in navy blue. The sole of the slipper is partially made from algae! The Limu Line is the first of its kind in Hawai’i. Kaka’ako Kasuals is the only company using algae in the base of their slipper. Features of the Limu Line:

  • Arch support
    The outsole tooling has built-in arch support that evenly distributes pressure across your feet providing much-needed body alignment. Stability is enhanced to lessen foot pain and problems related to imbalance and a lack of proper support.
  • Recycled Nylon straps, pull tabs and toe keeper
    To minimize our product’s effect on the planet, the sandal collection utilizes only recycled nylon.
  • Laminated lycra
    To reduce top-of-foot irritation, the collection utilizes seamless, laminated strap construction which eliminates the need for stitching where the straps come into contact with your foot. The material also stretches in all the right places for ultimate on-foot comfort.
  • Dual Density cushioning
    The midsole of the sandals utilizes a harder density material, providing the support needed for all-day adventure wear. The footbed utilizes a softer density EVA to ensure a soft underfoot squishy feel that lasts all day long.
  • Recycled rubber outsole
    Rubber soles are slip-resistant, offering superior grip on treacherous surfaces as you explore the great outdoors while reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s so incredible to see how we humans are able to make wearable, durable clothing out of plants – Algae!

kaka'ako kasuals, limualua slippers, limulua, hawaii slippers
The bottom of the slipper has different Kaka’ako street names embedded in the sole and two drainage holes.
kaka'ako kasuals, limualua slippers, limulua, hawaii slippers
True and tested, the Limulua floats on water!

As soon as we slipped on the Limulua ($29.99) slippers, it felt solid. Exploring the mossy coast line, probably algae of some sort, can be slippery but the Limulua slippers made the slimy surface more accessible. The support and comfortability is awesome! It’s pretty cool that Kaka’ako Kasuals is incorporating sustainability in their products and that the lower price point makes it more affordable.

Wear Kaka’ako Kasuals with confidence if you are looking to support a good quality, local company with the green initiative in mind with their shoe-ware.

kaka'ako kasuals, limualua slippers, limulua, hawaii slippers

Shop for the Limulua, here.
Shop in-store at Kaka’ako Kasuals located at
670 Queen St Suite 210B, Honolulu, HI 96813

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