The first leg of our Europe trip began in Paris, France. During this trip, we spent most of the duration in Paris. For four days, we managed to see many famous spots and eateries! From the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame, or Versailles and the Louvre, just to name a few, there are extravagant tourist sites to see. Now, with a short amount of time, we’ll show you how you can squeeze everything in just four days, in this city of love and romance. 

Travel Tips

  • Spending – When traveling, it’s best to always carry some cash in the currency of the native country you are visiting. In Paris, they use euro. While most places accept major credit cards, having physical cash paper can be very useful in certain situations.
  • Transportation – There is no need to rent a car to explore Paris. (Or for most countries in Europe!) Riding the public transportation is the easiest way to get around. Especially, the Paris metro.
  • Activities – From visiting the iconic places to touring palaces, make sure to book in advance. If you can, book a private tour to save time.
  • Safety  – We can’t stress this enough! Make sure to carry your bag or purse in front of you or have it in sight, at all times while in public domain. Don’t leave anything in your pockets either. Pick pocketers in Paris are common and unfortunately, professional and accurate in what they do. Be very safe out there with your belongings!

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Accommodations in Paris

There are a lot of cute boutique hotels throughout Paris. We stayed at Le Parisis and Hotel de Seine. If staying at a hotel is not within your budget, there are affordable Airbnb’s around the city of love!


Visit the Eiffel Tower

On our first day, the first stop was the most iconic piece of Paris, the Eiffel Tower. The iconic landmark was walking distance from our hotel, Le Parisis. The top of the Eiffel Tower is accessible with a purchase of a roof-top access ticket – It’s entirely worth it. The view is incredible!

Check out the Flame of Liberty

A newer attraction and a 10-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower is the Flame of Liberty. The Flame of Liberty is a monument that the USA gave France for the restoration work done on the Statue of Liberty which is located in New York. Right under the Flame of Liberty is the tunnel of Pont de L’alma, which is where Princess Diana’s accident happened in 1997.

Walk towards Jardin d’Erivan

Across the Flame of Liberty is the Jardin d’Erivan. You won’t realize the beautiful lined trees unless you step inside the park. We were walking on the sidewalk and just happen to go towards the grass area and found this wonderful place.

Admire the Pont Alexandre III

Towards the end of Jardin d’Erivan, we reached Pont Alexandre III. It’s the most extravagant bridge in the city of love! If you’re cruising on a boat through the Seine, it’s the most incredible river crossings you’ll see!

Explore the Lively Streets of Montmartre

We took the metro and headed to the city of Montmartre. It was one of my favorite cities we visited. There’s a lot to explore and see! Here, we have La Maison Rose which is one of the most famous restaurants in Montmartre.

Sacré-Cœur is also known as The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. This beautiful church is located at the top of the hill, in Montmartre, and overlooks the beautiful city of Paris! The most wonderful view of the city.

From the top of Sacré-Cœur, you can either walk down the stairs or take the tram, or vice versa if you want to go to the top. There are a lot of local shops at the bottom that sells Parisian souvenirs.

Spread the love! Along Montmartre, there’s a Wall of Love which says “I love you” in 250 different languages! Such a cute spot for lovers!

Watch the Eiffel Tower Sparkle at Night

We also ended the night at the Eiffel Tower since it was so close to our hotel. You can’t leave Paris without witnessing the sparkling lights of this iconic monument at night! It’s jaw-dropping to see. If you are infatuated with Paris as much as I am, you’ll have a special moment when seeing the beautiful tower sparkle in the night.


Spend the Day at Versailles

While our second didn’t seem busy, we did a lot! We visited The Palace of Versailles. With the Hall of Mirrors, Grand Chandeliers, Kings Apartments, and the most beautiful garden in Paris, this requires an entire day of exploring on its own. We visited this place as soon as it opened and booked a private tour guide (do this if you enjoy skipping long lines!). The private tour guide showed the best areas in the house without the crowds. After the tour of the Palace, head out to the garden. Another tour on its own but this time, it’s on your own. They have bikes or golf carts for rent to tour the garden. It’s huge!!! They have a few restaurants and activities to do around the garden and the lake. Again, if you have a day to visit this place, do so!

After the tour of the Palace, I recommend heading out into the garden. It can be another tour of its own, but this time, it’s on your own. They offer bikes or golf cart rentals to make touring the garden effortlessly. It’s huge! They have a few restaurants and activities to do around the garden and the lake as well. Again, if you have a day to visit this place, do so!


Sunrise at the Louvre

When we checked-in our second hotel, Hotel de Seine, we were conveniently located close to another landmark, the Louvre! Within a 5 minute of walk, we found ourselves waking up at sunrise and heading to get some amazing shots at an empty Louvre. The Louvre is known for its well-preserved artworks from ancient cultures like the Romans and Greeks and above all, home to the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Visit Sainte-Chapelle

After taking some photos (we didn’t get a chance to tour the Louvre), we walked 15-minutes from The Louvre to Sainte-Chapelle. Try to get here as soon as it opens as the line can get ridiculously long. The stain glass viewing is incredible! Just look at that detail!

Have a Picnic at the Seine

After that, walk towards Notre Dame and grab breakfast to go and head over to the Seine where locals hang out at the bridge. On a beautiful day, it’s a great place for picnics!

Hear the Bells at Notre Dame

Also, you can’t go to Notre Dame without having to go inside and explore the back area. My favorite part was, of course, the front and the back of Notre Dame. Check out the link right below to see what I’m talking about!

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Go on a Paris Food Tour

In the late afternoon, we booked ourselves a food tour. If you have time, we highly suggest it! You get to taste the local favorites in a short amount of time. We had some delicious Parisian food and was fulfilling enough for a full meal.

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Walk Around + Shop at Champs-Élysées

On the last day, we decided to spend it doing what we do best (besides traveling)….shopping! Afterall, it was a girls trip! One of the best places for shopping (and window shopping) is at Champs Élysées. Think California’s Rodeo Drive; this is where Louis Vuitton flagship store is located!

Stop at Arc de Triomphe

At the western end of Champs Élysées, you’ll find one of the famous monuments, Arc de Triomphe! Cross the street and take a photo. Just be on the look out for cars on each side of the road! 

There you have it, a full 4-day itinerary in Paris! We hope this helps with planning your Paris trip. Feel free to share if it helped you or maybe a friend or family member! Au revoir! 



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