This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bank of Hawaii. All opinions are 100% my

2020 was a lesson to the world. Hygiene and sanitation and lack thereof can lead to life
threatening circumstances. Thankfully, technology of the 21st century has helped us continue to
thrive. For some it took the pandemic to adapt to the current state of affairs, for others,
infrastructure was ready for the wide acceptance of what our grandparents would consider
“future technology”.

Bank of Hawaii is one of those companies that have stood the test of time and it didn’t need a
world wide shutdown to adapt to convenience, safe, secure banking. Cardless Cash mobile
banking is one of Bank of Hawaii’s cornerstones of convenience, both in the pandemic and

Speaking from first-hand experience, Bank of Hawaii’s ATMs located throughout Hawaii
provided the perfect contingency plan when all hope seemed lost on nights like our date night.
Mid-route on our way to dinner, I had realized I had forgotten my wallet and we did not have
cash to tip the valet. With no cash, banks closed for the night, and needing money immediately
made for a concoction of stress and anxiety!

Luckily, with my quick thinking and Bank of Hawaii’s convenient Cardless Cash option, I was
able to use BOH’s mobile app to withdraw cash for the night. Mission Romantic Night was
saved and still a-go!

As emphasized earlier, the convenience of Bank of Hawaii is what really wins me over.
Especially with the on-the-go banking which makes paying the bills easy! Within two clicks I am
able to pay my bills or deposit checks wherever, whenever I need to, like before heading out to
surf! I no longer need to run to the physical location, I can do it from the safety of my car and get
more ocean time in.

Using Bank of Hawaii’s features and safe tech allows banking with convenience, on your time.
This means more quality time doing things you love with the people you love! All you need is
your mobile device!

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