Aloha! We are Maryrose and Reid, creatives based in Hawaii. The idea of blogging our adventures first crept into our mind when we took a glance at our calendar for the upcoming year and realized how much traveling we were about to embark (2015). A few months passed and we decided to start using a blog as a personal “diary”, enabling us to look back and relive the moments. Thus, Wanderlustyle was born in April 2015. Since then, it has evolved from a simple (selfish) medium, to share with family, to a dedicated site for readers around the globe. It is no longer solely designed to share just our adventures but a lifestyle: A traveler’s lifestyle, who still work ‘normal’ jobs nonetheless. We let our personal failures and accomplishments be lessons, travel tips, and recommendations for others!

Ever wonder why the human species is all over the world? They dared to wander. They wanted to explore! We hope to stir the same spirit, of inner human desire, of a venture, through our material, whether it’s around the world or a couple of hours from home.

“Even a bad experience becomes a good story.”
-James Humbling



Hello, I’m Maryrose! I was born and raised in the Philippines (Manila) for 11 years then moved to Hawaii. Growing up, my mother was a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines and we started traveling around the Philippines before I turned one year old. The Philippines has a lot of amazing places to explore. When I turned seven, my first trip out of the Philippines was to Hong Kong, China and in the same year, to Los Angeles, California (USA) continuing to New Hampshire and Maine. This is how my love for travel started. Finally, when I turned 11 years old, I packed my bags and moved to Oahu where I then met Reid, 3 years later in High school. Other than traveling, I’ve always enjoyed fashion. If I’m not booking a plane ticket, I’m online shopping.

Aloha! Reid here, the main writer of Wanderlustyle. I was born and raised on the island of Oahu but am a world traveler! I’ve been traveling since I was a little lad. I still have much more destinations on my bucket list and lucky for me, I was blessed with Maryrose who is just as dedicated to experiencing those special moments. I am currently a full-time financial day trader and entrepreneur. More about my personal journey here. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, primarily self-developmental books, and surfing! You can also call me a movie fanatic; I like to watch at least once a day if time permits it (mainly documentaries)!

Hi, my name is Landon! I was born and raised in Hawaii, like my dad.  I am 10 years old and like to travel with my family. Being well traveled, I can fall asleep anywhere and in any position!  In my free time, I like to go to the beach and surf, play in the park, play on my iPad, watch my favorite TV shows, and listen to music. I am very adventurous and am always convincing mom and dad to do something, inside or outside of the house.

Woof! Woof!  Blitz and Bear here, nothing but cute and cuddly fur babies of Wanderlustyle. You’ll be seeing us in some adventures around Hawaii. When mom and dad aren’t paying attention to us, we pee on their luggage to remind them not to forget us as they travel! As much as we would love to explore outside of Hawaii, it’s best that we stay at home.


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