London was the shortest stay during our Europe trip. From Paris to London, we used Eurostar as our transportation and it was comfortable and convenient. We didn’t need a visa to enter but soon it may be necessary to present an Electronic Visa Waiver for the UK. Within 48 hours of arriving we managed to see over 10 ‘top places to see’ in London and quickly fell in love with the city! As much as we wanted to extend our stay, we only had enough time for one night and two days to explore. If you have at least two days in London, you can definitely see everything we managed to see! Here’s our itinerary:

Accommodation in London


We stayed at Pullman Hotel during our stay. It was only a few minutes walk from St. Pancras International station which was our arrival point. Pullman hotel service was fantastic and their breakfast buffet was incredible! It’s also located one street away from King’s Cross Station (a conveniently located, top spot, to visit) and a lot of restaurants around.

Transportation in London



During our time in London, we got around via cab service. There are cabs that can seat 4-6 people. London also has the famous double-decker buses which are a popular ride around the city!


King’s Cross Station + Platform 9¾


We arrived in London, from Paris, at 8:30am. As soon as we arrived via Eurostar at St. Pancras railway station, we walked to our hotel. Since it was too early to check-in, we left our carry-on suitcases at the front desk to hold while we explored the city. Our first stop was the King’s Cross Station, which, as before mentioned, a few blocks from our accommodation, Pullman Hotel. The main reason we visited King’s Cross Station was to see the Platform 9¾ (Harry Potter fans!) ✓ They even give you a prop wand and a scarf to take photos with! It was the coolest thing!

Visit the Buckingham Palace




It’s not a visit to London if you don’t go to Buckingham Palace! They had an event going on at the Palace during our visit and witnessed guests with the most elegant dresses and outstanding hats! The walk from the building (first photo) to Buckingham Palace was a pleasantly long walk through the park!

Birdcage Walk


The birdcage walk is a street in the city of Westminister in London. A popular place to have a picnic and explore. There are a lot of things to see and do in the beautiful parks! London has many areas to be one with nature, I’d say this is one of those spots.

See the Big Ben Tower


One of the biggest parts of London is to see the Big Ben clock. Big Ben is the nickname for Great Bell. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear Big Ben chime but it was still such a beautiful and iconic piece to look at!

Photo-op at a Red Telephone Booth!


It’s not a visit to London without taking pictures at a red telephone booth. Right? There’s a lot of these around London! I wonder how long this will be a “things-to-do”. Either way here’s a funny way of looking back in history!

Go on a Thames River Cruise


We HIGHLY suggest going on a Thames River Cruise during your first day in London. You’ll get to see most of the amazing spots during the cruise. Not only that, they’ll drop you off at another city, in London! We got our tickets at the Westminster Pier and boarded from there. In this route, we cruised from Westminster to Greenwich. Here are some of the highlights we saw during the cruise:

London Eye


London Bridge


Tower Bridge


Tower of London


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See the view from The Shard




Another must visit would be The Shard. The view from the 95th-floor skyscraper is surreal and breathtaking! We timed it where we visited late in the afternoon to witness the sunset. While you’re there, visit the bathroom (weird, but do it!) you’ll be shocked at the view!


Our very last stop of the day was Harrods! This is a luxury department store filled with designer clothes, purses, shoes, beautiful desserts, amazing food, and Harrods souvenirs.


Brush up on some history at the British Museum


After we ate the most delicious breakfast buffet at Pullman Hotel, we headed straight to the British Museum. We got there a few minutes before opening hour and the sidewalk, prior to the ticket area, was already packed! Although there were a lot of people, the line went by quickly and as soon as we got inside, the crowd dissipated. There were different areas to start in the museum but we spent some time inside the museum to be sure not to miss a thing.

Shop + Eat at a London Market – Camden Market



Our last stop before heading back to the train station was Camden Market. There are a few markets I would’ve loved to visit but since our time was tight, Camden Market was the most convenient one for us. London markets are so fun to go to; there’s so much more than what I’m used to in Hawaii – It’s filled with shops and local treats. When we go back to London, visiting other markets will be my first stop!


During the 48 hours of being on the go, we were able to stop at a few restaurants, Camden market, and a breakfast at Pullman Hotel. The first thing we ordered was the most favorite and iconic dish in London, Fish and Chips! Their golden brown, crispy dish was so delicious! It was way better in real life than just hearing about it. We highly suggest heading over to one of the markets for some amazing local food! There are lots of choices around the market and great dishes to try!









We had an amazing time exploring the city within 48 hours and cannot wait to go back. With such a short amount of time, we hope this helps you with planning your London trip, even if it’s a short stay, there’s a lot you can see, taste, and do!


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