Just before heading off to our final hotel, we stopped for lunch at a family owned Italian Restaurant; Tatore Ristorante Italiano. On a rainy, La Liga finals day, it was a busy and vivacious environment.




As we took our first step in, the manager (son of the original creator) greeted us and informed use that everything on the menu, unless stated otherwise, was made in-house. The different types of pasta are all crafted in the early morning on the same day and are available for take-away (take-out).



Their desserts are also hand-made!


Like most Italian places we are familiar with, free house bread is brought out as soon as you sit down. It was fresh, delicious, crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside – Delicious!


Our appetizer was Bruschetta and finished in 5 minutes. Although I’m not a fan of cheese, it was interesting to note that their slices were (again) made in house and you can tell the difference. I still think it tasted great without it but huge bonus points to having a lot of in-house ingredients.



Again, most the items on the menus are homemade (in-house). This family works hard, and their meals reveal that. The workers spoke Italian to each other, and helped one another delivering dishes and taking care of each other’s tables. We had about 4 (including the manager – who went around checking on everyone) people ask if we needed anything. It was a real homey vibe, and best of all, the food tasted as if a family member made it. Nothing like a home-cooked meal! The environment alone is pleasant enough to grab a drink, watch a game on one of their many televisions, linger a bit and continue with your day.

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest. We were not paid or sponsored in any way for this review.

For more information on Tatore Ristorante Italiano, visit here.

Tatore Ristorante Italiano
15180 Biscayne Blvd.
Aventura, FL 33160
(305) 749-6840

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