Not only is Paris a place for lovers but also for foodies! Few of my favorite foods are cheese and pasta, and there’s no better place to eat my faves than in Paris, France. After a few visits to restaurants and cafe’s, we have narrowed down our “Top 10 Foods You Must Try in Paris”.

1. Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee!





It’s safe to say that Paris made me a coffee lover. Okay, honestly, a coffee chronic. I’ll take any latte, cappuccino, or Americano my way! There’s a cafe everywhere you look in Paris, and it’s hard not to go inside when you can smell the coffee a block away. One thing I love is that they all have their unique touch in flavor, decoration, mixes, flavors, and ambiance.

2. Cheese, lots and lots of it!


France has some great fromageries (cheese shops)! There’s even a food tour just for cheese! One thing we noticed was that they offered a cheese board at every restaurant we visited. I’ve never had so much cheese on a trip before, as a cheese lover, definitely loved every minute of it!

3. French Onion Soup


My favorite soup of all time – French onion soup. If you like onion and cheese, you need to try this! It’s a dish in France that is offered everywhere. It’s called “French” onion soup for a reason; the French know their soups! One serving of this has the capability of filling you up for a meal.

4. Escargot


Probably, the most popular dish throughout the world. It’s what you think it is, Snail! It’s a cooked land snail with butter and garlic flavor. It is a delicacy in France, and a must try while you’re there.

5. Ossobuco


It was my first time hearing about Ossobuco, and I’m so glad I tried it! Ossobuco is a classic Italian dish made of braised veal shanks that are browned and gently simmered in a robust sauce of wine, tomatoes, and aromatics. It’s also served with pasta and makes the dish complete! (My mouth is watering just writing about this dish!)

6. Laduree Eggs Benedict


There are no other ‘eggs Benedict’ like this one! Laduree restaurant in Paris offers this with two poached eggs, very crispy English muffin and warm hollandaise sauce on the side. It was incredible!

7. Gnocchi


This special dish is from L’Atlas, one of the famous restaurants on Rue De Buci. This is their truffle cream gnocchi. One of the best dish I’ve ever had! I love gnocchi, but with their special truffle sauce, it was out of this world!

8. Crêpe

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Crêpe should be number one on this list, but since we’re not putting it in any particular order, here it is number 8! Crêpe makers are everywhere in the streets of Paris! It can be served as a meal or dessert depending what toppings you choose. You do not want to leave Paris without tasting a traditional crêpe! The photo above is a cheese and mushroom crêpe. Yum!

9. Long Pasta Dish

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Have you had spaghetti before? What about 5-foot long noodle? 10 ft.? 30 ft.? Paris is known to serve the most outrageous long pasta! (Lady and The Tramp scene) It’s fun to try!

10. Hot Chocolate


Hands down, one of the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. I say that a lot but I really do love everything I try in the moment. I can’t blame it, I’m a foodie, and I accept this lifestyle. Okay, seriously though. Un Dimanche à Paris is the place to go for desserts! They serve the creamiest, most chocolatey drink in the world! It’s so tasty and filling that you only need a small cup. If you’re close to Saint-Germain, be sure to stop by, you will not regret it!

This post has made me realize that many famous, tasty dishes originate from France. Writing this has my stomach growling. Are you hungry yet? After all the carbs and sweets, we hope you enjoyed our list of must try foods in Paris and hope to give them a try. Thank you and goodbye! Until we meet again on another food post! Or should we say, Au revoir!


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