For a refreshing activity, Mary, Landon and I had an Afternoon Tea Party! The reason the event took place was for the official launch of Alice Table in Honolulu. Alice’s Table is a perfect family get together. Specifically targeted for moms, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and busy women in general, it is a pleasant break for some girl-bonding time.

The event was a Pre-Father’s day event where we made flower arrangements, Alice Table specialty. A knowledgeable guide walked us through in making an elegant flower bouquet.

TEA AT 1024

To start the event off, we had tea time at Tea at 1024, located in Chinatown, Honolulu. Afternoon Tea Service is $26.95 for adults and $22.95 for kids 5 & up. As guys, Landon and I actually enjoyed ourselves very much. We dressed up, tasted ambrosial tea flavors, and ate delicious food!


Menu for Tea and Sandwiches. Once seated, we were given a menu to select our preferred tea with the choice of sandwiches.


I have never experienced one of these “tea parties” and apparently, it is very popular (I had no idea until Mary mentioned it). A cool aspect I found interesting was that any of the tea cups that look like decor could be chosen to drink out of. There are a plethora of tea cups to choose.

No tea is good without a fancy hat! Multiple hats of all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles could be worn while sipping your tea.
Not all tea cups are available to drink out of; these cups are available for purchase.





A neat little timer for how long you want your tea to brew. After picking a flavor per person, the tea was brought out and timed to the preferred taste. The longer you let it sit, the stronger, more favorable the tea will taste.

On the table, sugar cubes are available to sweeten to your liking. Landon was enjoying pouring his tea and adding the sugar himself.


Just like any restaurant, there were appetizers. The first thing that came out was their house salad. Spinach with strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese and their light salad dressing made this starter set the precedence of what was to come. Let me tell you: Yummy!!


The next two dishes came out simultaneously. Their local flavored scones, baked exclusively for Tea at 1024 by Stage Restaurant’s Pastry Chef, came out warm and served with clotted cream (something we have never tasted but was delicious nonetheless) and strawberry jam.


We were given four different flavored sandwiches of our choice. Each sandwich was served in four mini triangles. We ordered egg salad with sweet dressing, PB&J (for Landon), Smoked Salmon layered over Pesto (Reid’s favorite), and Chicken Curry with Apples.

The menu had sandwich choices of:
Chicken Curry with Apples, Smoked Salmon layered over Pesto, Cucumber thinly sliced with Avocado,  Egg Salad with Sweet Dressing, Cheddar Cheese & Tomato, Crab & Olive with Cream Cheese, and PB&J.


Lastly, desserts was served; which consisted of Lilikoi Lemon Bars made with Lilikoi from the Big Island, Tulip Shaped Chocolate Cup filled with Chocolate Haupia Pudding, and a Cupcake. (Desserts may vary day to day)


We had a wonderful afternoon tea time, and it left our tummies very satisfied. Landon enjoyed all the food served and I consumed everything without a breath of air. I was surprised at how delicious a simple tea place could be. I have been missing out on tea time. We will definitely be back!



On to the fun part – Flower bouquet making with Alice’s Table. We had the honor of meeting Debrah who is the Event Executive in Hawaii for Alice’s Table. It was the first Hawaii launch and we were excited to be part of the experience.

When we came in, everything was neatly set up and color coordinated accordingly.
Each seat had an apron, tools, a mason jar, and of course a tea cup of choice as a vase.


Debrah explained each flowers in detail which I apologize because I am unable to recall each one specfically. Here’s a shot: Hydrangea, pink rose, white rose, mini-pink rose, mini-white rose, and some whispy flowers.




Apart from getting some of the flower names forgotten, we were taught step by step on how to architect our bouquet. It was a fun activity for the family, and the intimacy of it all brought it home for us. I believe this is what Alice’s Table is all about – to bring family and friends closer together while creating something.



Final product of the flower bouquet in a tea cup.



Alice’s Table and Tea at 1024 placed me in an Alice in Wonderland scene (I could not get the thought out of my head). They go together so well it was destined to be. As a guy, I enjoyed the time with the family, and moreover, Landon enjoyed it as well. He loved the food and tea which is something we did not expect but are exceedingly grateful for the outcome. Thank you to Alice’s Table and Tea at 1024 for the Father’s Day break. We all enjoyed it very much!

For more information on Alice’s Table, visit here.
Alice’s Table on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

For more information on Tea at 1024, visit here.
Tea at 1024 on Facebook and Twitter.

Tea at 1024
1024 Nuuanu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96817

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was an invited guest to Alice’s Table event at Tea at 1024. All opinions are honest. Mahalo!

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