This past year has brought in some new changes to our home ambiance and personal well-being: We began to incorporate a scented humidifier which was initially an alternative to making our place smell better without the need of an open flame candle or artificial (we interpret this as harmful chemicals to our bodies) scents. Over time, this type of awareness, to our well-being, flooded into our workspace where we eventually added plants, a Himalayan Salt Lamp (supposedly increases negative ions to create a better balance) and blasted “positive gamma frequencies” through our Bose speakers. It was only a matter of time before coming across Aloha Elixir to help enlighten our environment.
Aloha Elixir is a local company which began in 2012 by Keoki Tavares. His unique techniques, applied to every piece of work, emphasizes how adding something to an environment you hope to see change can start with one of your primary senses: smell. His familiarity with aromatherapy has indeed influenced his work for a more tranquil ambiance.
We had the chance to visit Keoki at his office space, and he showed the making of the candles. From melting the wax, pouring the liquid wax, individually crafting each candle with gemstones and oils, and even playing a sample of the Chakra singing bowls was entrancing.
Each handmade intention soy candles is $20.60 which comes with semi-precious gemstones and crystals that match the intention of the candle. Each product is charged with more than 12 hours of special sound vibrations, mantras, and blessings.
These are not ordinary candles where you just light it up like other candles; included are specific instructions that should be adhered when lighting this special candle: Before lighting the intention candle, take a moment to center your thoughts and create a clear and positive intention. Write your name and your intention in the blank box at the side of the label. This tethers your candle to you and gives it purpose. Make sure to let the candle burn for at least one hour for the first time you light it or until the pool of melted wax reached the edge of the tin. This will ensure a clean and even burn for the life of your candle.
Aloha Elixir also offers other products such as small spray bottles ($22) and smudging stick ($23) which helps clear and cleanse a sacred space or self.

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Every year, Aloha Elixir comes out with Holiday item such as the Gratitude Candle which is a very limited item. Keoki only makes a certain amount for the Holiday season and it’s available through Christmas. Don’t wait an entire year to pick one up! Everyone can be gracious for another year and to bring awareness back to what the Holiday season really is about: Love and passion for others.

“The Gratitude Candle helps users show thanks for the blessings they have received throughout the year and continue to experience blessings into the New Year. Available for a limited time during the holiday season, the Gratitude Candle is created with the same mantras and affirmations used in all Fire Elixir products and is charged with rare Lemurian crystals and black amethyst. Each Gratitude Candle is made with soy wax, a gratitude essential oil blend, Windsong balsam pine fragrance oil, goldstone and clear quartz.”

After being Grateful with the burning incense provided by the Gratitude Candle, begun the New Year intentionally, with Aloha Elixir’s New Beginnings Candle.
“Available for a limited time through Christmas, or while supplies last, the New Beginnings Candle promotes the long-term manifestation of your New Year’s intentions. Each handcrafted candle is double poured – so every layer receives special blessings and energy attunements for positive growth and abundance. New Beginnings Candles are charged in a crystal grid with clear quartz and amethyst for high vibrations, self-empowerment and to help you realize your dreams. All candles are embedded with semi-precious gemstones including jade, citrine and everlast flowers. Ingredients include soy wax, assorted semi-precious gemstones, helichrysum soechas flower, bayberry essential oil infusion (crystal-energy charged) and yuzu fragrance oil.” – Aloha Elixir

What goes into these candles and scents are no longer just that, it’s a piece of artwork and in a sense, a piece of Keoki’s energy infused into his products. Worse case scenario you aren’t very spiritually connected or just vibrating on a lower frequency, it doesn’t hurt to try new things like Aloha Elixir products to encourage a more peaceful being within you. After all, a little assistance to aid us in becoming better never hurt.


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  • Check out their Etsy store online.
  • Red Pineapple at Ka Makana Ali’i – 91-5431 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei, HI 96707
  • Sedona at Ward Village – 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814
  • Where Crystals Rock in Aiea – 98-025 Hekaha St #110, Aiea, HI 96701
For more information on Aloha Elixir, visit here.
Aloha Elixir on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was gifted Aloha Elixir products (Thank you Keoki!). This post is not sponsored. All our opinions are honest. Mahalo!

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