“GET DIRTY!” The last adventure of the cruise was a Go-Kart/ATV tour. Ketchikan, Alaska is one of the wettest places in the United States and is typically overcast with light rainfall year round.  Ketchikan is a small little town that only expands further into the water – There is an agreement with the United States and surrounding Native American Indian tribes that the town cannot expand in certain areas.

Being wet and rainy, the tour supplied wet weather gear: boots, pants, a protective helmet, and a jacket. It was optional but everyone took up the offer and wore the extra protection. It was definitely worth it! The route was very muddy and the vehicle spat up terrain on everything.










The tour took us on a 14 mile/22.5 km off road path. Driver’s must be 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license. Cameras are allowed at the owner’s discretion. It can be very muddy and would destroy most cameras if not protected properly. We had two stops: a Scenic view of Ketchikan and a Waterfall.

Fun fact: The waters surrounding Ketchikan never freezes due to a Japanese current that runs through the area keeping the water at a ‘warm’ average of 54 degrees/ 12 celsius year round.


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