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We spend our family weekend doing fun activities! Whether it’s going out to eat, going to the movies or staying in to play board games, as long as we are doing something together. Last week, we went out to play some laser tag! This week, we’re staying in and showing you what we do as a family. Follow along on our family weekend in!

As much as we like going out as a family, we absolutely love spending quality time at the comfort of our own home. But before we start our family weekend in, we make sure we’re stocked up on snacks! Because, let’s be honest, who likes to get up during a movie? One of our favorite things to do is grabbing a snack of our choice at the grocery store for the weekend! Since we’re going for a smarter choice in snacking, we’ve been getting the Boulder Canyon kettle cooked chips since the ingredients are simple and have great benefits!

In honor of their 25th anniversary, Boulder Canyon has recently rolled out completely new packaging that celebrates their heritage and origins in the beautiful Flatirons of Colorado. Their new tagline is “Follow Your Path,” which is fitting, since Boulder Canyon is a brand you can easily grab and go, wherever life may take you. Thankfully, their recipe hasn’t changed, so you can still expect the same great-tasting chips you’ve come to know and love!




Boulder Canyon kettle chips are cooked in unique oils vs. traditional chips. Depending on the cooking oil, the chips have different (great) benefits. Besides the ingredients being very simple, the chips are thick, crunchy, no greasy taste, and perfectly coated with flavors! It’s almost hard to stop eating them because these chips are so tasty! Check out all of the amazing flavors they come in:

Classic Sea Salt with Sunflower Oil
Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt with Sunflower Oil
Hickory BBQ with Sunflower Oil
60% Less Sodium with Sunflower Oil
Sea Salt with Avocado Oil
Salt & Cracked Pepper with Avocado Oil
Sea Salt with Coconut Oil
Buffalo Ranch with Rice Bran Oil
Sweet Vinegar with Olive Oil






Here’s more reason why you should try Boulder Canyon kettle cooked chips: (As if the flavors doesn’t sound good enough!) Here are the benefits:

– Certified Gluten Free
– Non-GMO Project Certified
– No MSG
– No Trans Fat
– No Cholesterol
– Low Sodium
– Kosher
– Green energy use
– Vegan





Our family weekends usually consists of watching a movie and playing a board game or card game – sometimes both! There’s really no specific way we do it beside a “no cellphone” rule. Being able to spend time as a family with no electronics gives our full attention to each other and nothing else. Being present is important! Also, after devouring these delicious kettle chips, our favorite would have to be the Hickory BBQ with Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper with Olive Oil, and Buffalo Ranch with Rice Bran Oil!

Do you have family time over the weekend? Wherever your family takes you, make sure to bring Boulder Canyon with you!

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