This is rare for us (to write about a movie) but being locals of the general Pacific islander culture, we are excited to share about an upcoming feature film that pays homage to these once great explorers of the uncharted Oceans. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as the demi-god Maui in Disney’s Moana and has themes throughout of Polynesian dance, music and overall culture.

Like all great Disney movies, the cast, animators, and producers traveled to these island nations in the Pacific to grasp the spirit of these once great exploring societies. To sum up a long and detailed history, here’s a fun fact: Polynesians are believed to have been spread throughout the Pacific islands by 1300 BCE, making them the most advanced voyagers in History. Fast forward a few millennia and we have the most efficient, modern day voyagers: Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines teamed up with Disney for the first time to bring three Moana themed aircrafts.

img_6219 img_6221-1
img_6243 img_6250 img_6283img_6465 img_6320 Decked inside out, this aircraft has the spirit of Moana throughout its design.

img_6324 img_6339 img_6492This aircraft is dedicated specifically to the demi-god, Maui and is currently flying around the world. Be sure to catch Moana on its premiere date of November 23, 2016.

For more information on Hawaiian Airlines Moana Aircraft, visit here.

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