Why would anyone want to visit this Arabic Country located in the middle of East Persian Gulf (Well, besides the fact it is a well-headed nation, thanks to its enormous oil resources)? The truth is, Kuwait boasts a myriad of reasons why you should visit the nation before you hit your 60’s.

To begin with, Kuwait neighbors its boundary line with Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, which makes it a geographically significant nation. You probably do not care about the geographical aspect of Kuwait so allow me to talk about its unique infrastructure that makes it the great nation it is.

This list of unique and hard to beat structures includes fantastic tall towers and sky-high buildings. Besides the exclusiveness you will witness on land in Kuwait, you will also be greeted by water towers sporting classic designs that are masterpieces of the engineering realm.

1. The mirror house


According to records, this is the only house to have been constructed using glass entirely. The construction features distinct colors and shapes that enlighten the hearts of visitors with charm and enchant.

Regardless of how many times you’ve visited the mirror house, it is always pleasant to revisit the attraction. I’ve been there two times myself, and I think I may revisit a third time by the end of this year.

Thanks to its astounding gorgeousness, the mirror house has been featured in lots of both local and international programs such as the Middle East, America, Europe, China, and France. Better yet, magazines from all around the world have documented its charm and architect.

2. kuwait towers

Kuwait towers consist primarily of three outstanding towers located in the Persian Gulf. The 1st tower is approximately 187 meters high, whereas the second tower is about 147 meters high. The nation uses the second tower to store water.

The third, and smallest, tower boasts a lighting system that illuminates the two big towers. According to architects and genius minds behind this phenomenal invention, Kuwait Towers are a symbol of technology as well as humanity; and I couldn’t agree more.

If you’re already contemplating on visiting the nation, I have more good news for you. Applying for and attaining a Kuwait Visa today has never been easier. Visitors from 54 nations can obtain the Kuwait Visa on arrival.

This implies that if you’re from one of these nation’s all you need to do is arrive in Kuwait by plane and then queue at the border to complete your Kuwait visa on arrival application.

As an alternative, visitors can apply for an online visa which Kuwait has designed to simplify and minimize the process of obtaining a Visa. The application is pretty straightforward, and you can complete it in a few minutes.   Choosing this option will save you the hassle and time you could have spent queuing at the border entry for Kuwait Visa on Arrival.

Travelers can now enter Kuwait by handing over an up to date eVisa as well as their passport.

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