Over the years, in the late summer months of the year, an annual booze cruise adventure takes place on the Na Hoku II. It has become a tradition for our visiting friends to board the 45ft/13m catamaran just before sunset and ride off into the saturated horizon with a drink in hand. We occasionally find ourselves on this boat 2-3 times a year as it always offers an enjoyable time no matter the season. Strong breezes, smooth sailing, stormy weather, massive waves are all environmental factors that heighten the experience, making every single event significant.

Times: 4 times – 11:30AM, 1:30PM, 3:30PM, 5:30PM (sunset – our favorite cruise time).
Location: Waikiki Beach, near Duke’s Restaurant.
Price: $40; $45 for Sunset Sail.
Duration: 90 minutes

Tip: Open bar and family friendly, however, the sunset cruises consist mainly of adults, typically. Our recommendation is if you’re planning to have a family-oriented day, take one of the earlier tours whereas saving the sunset cruise for the rowdier crowd.


Right in front of Dukes Restaurant is the meetup. You’ll pay cash to one of the crew members doing the checking-in. After payment, they’ll have the group you are with gather in front of the Na Hoku II to take a group photo which can be purchased at the end of the cruise. We’ve bought almost all our group photos; it’s perfect for memories!

As far as running late or last minute decisions to jump on board, the crew can be very lenient! We’ve had our fair share of running 10-15 minutes late and were allowed, thankfully, to board (we do not recommend coming late!). We have also had moments where as we were walking the beach, curious to know if there were seats available, booked on the spot. There are usually a few seats open, but we cannot stress enough that there is no guarantee you’ll make it onboard. Our best advice is to call in at least a day or two ahead of time to guaranteed spot and arrive early.


After paying, and timing the waves right to board, the fun commences immediately! The bar is open as you board (the earlier you are there, the faster access you get to the bar: arrive early!). Reminder, this is an all you can drink cruise: get your drink on – for 90 minutes!





The route brings you toward the South East, cruising along the coastline of Waikiki, ending just past the famous landmark of Diamond Head Crater and back again.


As stated before, the views are breathtaking. The different conditions, times, and seasons always offer unique perspectives. It’s never the same experience.


For every person we know that visits Hawaii, we want to send them off with a great time via the Na Hoku II so we make sure it’s on their itinerary. It never gets old for us and for the first timers, it’s usually the highlight of their trip!






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We’ve had so many great times on the Na Hoku II that we will never forget. From the variety of views, hilarious crew interactions, and, of course, the endless bar, it would be a shame not to give this sunset cruise a shot.

Tip: Wear slippers and bring the least amount of things. It can get very wet in certain conditions which means there’s a potential of losing or even receiving water damage to your personal items.

For more information on Na Hoku II, visit here.
2335 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815


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