#REIDREADS posts are dedicated to books I’ve read via Kindle, physical copy or my personal favorite (because you can speed up the reading), Audible, in a no bullshit-cut-to-the-point (biased) review at the end of every month.

“The best investment you can EVER make is in yourself.”

1. Kick ass with mel robbins

– Mel Robbins
[6 hrs and 25 mins]

Boy, was I duped. Again, be sure to read reviews before purchasing! About this book: Q&A therapy sessions between Mel Robbins and her fans, yes I’ll call them fans because it seems that every person to come on her interview/show/session are aware of what is “wrong” with them and have read her “5-Second Rule” (brilliant book by the way). They just need a kick in the ass by Mel Robbins. It sounds like I’m hating but I enjoy Mel’s work, and although I wished for more, it was satisfying, entertaining and border-line educational in some aspects.

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2. The antidote

– Oliver Burkeman
[6 hrs and 17 mins]

I downloaded this because just look at that title! Using negative thinking to think…positive? In short, Mr. Burkman approaches life and happiness the way a stoic or Buddhist approaches to any situation in life: stay neutral. Won a million dollars? Stay neutral. Car Crash? Stay neutral. Negative thoughts swing the pendulum back to positive and vice versa. However, if we stay neutral we can then fully grasp what happiness is; it’s accepting everything.

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3. Hawaii: A Novel

– James A Michener
[51 hrs and 48 mins]

Ever heard of the book Moby Dick? It was the first book I downloaded back in 2015 on the app Audible, simply because it was free. If you don’t know, it’s a classic which usually alludes to being a dry, long, and tiring read. Hawaii: A Novel is along the same style of writing. I’ve skipped chapters only to be kept in the same timeline, without skipping a beat, of who the main characters and overall arch of the story. I missed Hawaii while away so, thought it would be great to read something about Hawaii until I realized way too late (even with reading the reviews) this is a fucking fictional piece of work. Also, the narrator drove me bananas in butchering Hawaiian pronunciation, the most beautiful language to ever grace my ears. Can’t say I would recommend this book. In fact, if you are from Hawaii or even love Hawaii as much as any local, an island guide from an ABC store would be more captivating.

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4. Beyond body Beyond Mind

– Dr Sukhi Muker
[Kindle Read]

Wholly flabbergasted after reading this one! I enjoyed every chapter. I even restarted it as soon as I finished it which can constitute it as being my 5th read of the month. It was nothing ground-breaking but maybe just a good reminder of how everything in our life is due to our thoughts and outlook on life as a whole. I can’t recommend this book enough! similar to books of self-improvement like that of The Secret. – I’d like to share how we came across this book: We booked a stay at an Airbnb near Whistler that had this book on the desk. In a hilarious and spontaneous turn of events we didn’t even spend the night and instead stayed at Nita Lake Lodge which ended up being one of the most romantic times in our 10-year relationship.

Available in: Kindle Free || Paperback $20.00
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For the month of July, I was able to read 4.5 books with Beyond Body Beyond Mind being a top favorite on my all-time list. For the month of August, Mary and I started to read VIBE together and is truly a great book thus far! Can’t wait to share with you all on what we thought about it. Thanks for reading everyone!

“Knowledge is power but only wisdom is liberty.” 

Will Durant

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle included affiliate links in this post to support our book purchases. Everything is my honest opinion. Thank you and happy reading!

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