In one of the many illuminated alley ways in Shinjuku, Japan resides a strange array of dazzling lights and phenomenal action: Robot Restaurant. Be prepared for a sensory overload via sound, lights, and choreography.

DSC08495One of many brighten streets in Japan.


DSC08500The waiting area transports you into an entirely different realm. If you thought the brighten streets were jaw dropping, the inside of Robot Restaurant will have you in a hypnotized. Be there early. You must check in 30 minutes before the show.

DSC08513Waiting is tolerable with a bar located inside the waiting area.

DSC08519After waiting (and drinking) you are directed toward a flight of stairs spiraling downward. This can get dizzy (especially if you had one too many drinks). there were many levels of stairs we had to descend so be prepared for this.

DSC08521When arriving at the bottom (where the final show takes place) there is a portable snack area and bar. With a drink bar located downstairs I’d recommend to save your thirsty appetite until the bottom where you can rack up on your drinks. This little food and drink trolley is available before the show and comes back during the only intermission of the show. TIP: use the bathroom before the show begins. You are not allowed to stand up and walk around once it begins.



The intro alone was amazing enough for me to give this a 5/5 star review.



DSC08552Although alcohol is present, this is an all ages event. I would recommend not attending this if you get dizzy easily from loud noises and bright lights. If you don’t get dizzy from the aforementioned things, you’re going to love it! The most bizarre, strange, unique thing we saw in Japan for sure.

Click here if you would like to purchase tickets! There are also packages that offer a meal to eat (at the time we went in June 2016 it was sushi) while watching the show. The show is also constantly changing, so the show we saw may be vastly different from what it is now!

Robot Restaurant
1-7-1 Kabukicho | B2F, Shinjuku 160-0021, Tokyo Prefecture
For more information, click here.


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