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Without fail, being the Wanderlustyle family, zip lining had to be on our to-do list! Luckily, we had an opportunity to team up with The Adventure Group for another round of fun! (Our first activity was the Snowmobile Tour) . A few days after snowmobiling, we went zip lining with Superfly Ziplines. A fresh mountain breeze, low laying clouds, soft snow still around and clear skies, it was bound to be a beautiful experience.


We boarded an all-terrain-vehicle and headed to the top of the mountain. It took approximately 20 minutes.


The Adventure Group in Whistler are family oriented, and the staff handled groups easily. They are willing to go out of their way to take excellent photos after being dropped off at the top. After processing the gorgeous scenery and snapping some memories, we headed to the first line.

Our friends, Kim & Phil joined us for this activity!


For every post, they have a trolley hanger where you can place it instead of carrying it the whole time while waiting for other zippers.


This was the longest line which was the first line at the top. All in all, there are only four zip-lines. Other tour zip lining has been 7-10 lines total. However, these lines are short distances like our former experiences. These lines extend 1.4km/0.8mi long and stand 600ft/182m high.


These harnesses and trollies were the most heavy duty equipment we have seen on a zip tour. The life-harvest you are connected to seats like a throne as you glide over the forest canopy.

Here’s Landon laying comfortable in his flying throne!

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Throughout the area, there are walk-ways to get to the next post which is also picturesque.



If you time it right, you can zip through the clouds!

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At the final spot, the lines are close enough to be able to hold hands while zipping! Go with your romantic partner!



Winter conditions were gorgeous! I can only imagine the beautiful lush green and lively animal life are. There are ample tours available such as night, morning, summer and winter zipping. There are so many ways to experience zip lining with Superfly Ziplines. Summer is definitely on our to-do list!

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