I have taken over a dozen international flights in my life and if you’re a travel bug like me, you’ve been in my shoes. As many long flights I have experienced, it doesn’t mean I liked it. Being from the Philippines (now Hawaii), if you’re going to another country, it requires a long haul flight, which totally sucks. Mental preparation and physical comfortability while traveling are priorities. The great part about all that is I have the opportunity to share a few tips on how I survive long flights and which may hopefully work for you!


How do you dress when traveling? Are you one of those that hold up the line because you’re taking off your belt, taking out keys from your pockets, jewelry, or untieing your shoelaces? Let’s hope not! For me, I’m all about being comfortable when traveling. My “go-to” outfit are some stretchy leggings (no belt needed), a tank top or t-shirt, cardigan or jacket (easy to zip), and comfy socks with flats or boots (no shoelaces involved). Talk about layers! I’ve learned that it’s great to layer rather than freezing in an airplane. If it’s warm in the airplane, you can always take off a layer. Another great thing to bring is a large scarf, it can be used as a blanket or an eye mask! Most international flights will provide you a blanket and small pillow, but it’s always nice to have something extra.

Also, if you’re like me and want to go through security faster, the TSA website has some great tips on that!


Make sure all your devices are charged the day before! Download movies, favorite shows, and have a book or magazine for some reading material. Having options for a long haul flight is great. Really, the only way to survive a long flight is to immerse yourself in entertainment. Luckily, on most airlines, they have movies and music available for you as well if worst comes to worst (not bringing your own).  Along with movies and such, investing in great headphones aid the journey. It will drown out the sound of the engines and people (crying babies and loud talking individuals).


The night before, I always prepare my carry-on facial products and favorite face sheet mask. If the flight is longer than 5 hours, I like to do my face routine because the airplane can be dehydrating for skin. Speaking of dryness, make sure to drink lots of water! Skip the coffee and tea; water is the best liquid fuel out there. Being on a long flight, staying clean and hydrated is important for both your morale and health!


Another reason why you should skip the coffee before going on a long flight… Trust me, it’s way better to feel sleepy and relaxed on a plane than it is to feel anxious. I am not blessed with that gift of being able to sleep anywhere, anytime, in any position (Landon and Reid and very blessed in this aspect).  My trick to getting some sleep is using my soft eye mask and comfy neck pillow. Also, when booking international flights, I like to fly out at night time. That way, I’ll be sleeping throughout the flight (hopefully), and feel well-rested when reaching my destination.


From time to time, you will wake up during your flight to use the bathroom or relieve a cramp. This is your chance to walk up and down the aisle, do some stretches, get your blood flowing, and muscles relaxed. I like to go in the very back of the plane and do my stretches, more room. For longer flights, it’s best to stretch out to prevent your body from aching due to poor circulation. (Some flights offer in-flight exercise)

There you have it folks, a few tips on how I survive extensive flights. Hopefully, these strategies will also help you survive your next long haul flight!

How do you survive a long flight?



“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”
– Joyce Meyer

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