Brazil is a well-known tourist destination the world over mainly because coastlines that extend miles along pristine beaches only made more beautiful by the strong sunshine that graces its skies for most of the year. This reason alone has made it one of the most visited countries around the world.

This is why Brazil E-visa applications have increased every year, and the same amount, or even more, has been used annually. In fact, the majority of the country’s income came from their tourism alone. That is why they made it easier for even the casual tourist to get visas.


Applications for Brazil E-visa applications have been made easier through online processing. As long as you are eligible for one, it can be processed within five working days and delivered right to your doorstep. In addition, online application does not take longer than a few minutes. Additionally, once approved, your Brazil E-visa is valid for two years. This allows you to visit the country for 90 days a year.

Take note that if you are from the USA, Japan, Australia, and Canada, you do not have to worry about acquiring a visa because you are automatically eligible for one.


It is a known fact that Brazil can be dangerous in some ways, and this has been highlighted whenever the country is being talked about. However, there are claims that it is relatively safe for tourists, but, it does not hurt to take precautions.

One good advice is to avoid going out alone. Always have someone with you and keep your valuables to a minimum if you could to avoid attracting pickpockets. These are especially important in highly urbanized areas such as Rio de Janeiro, Recife, and Sao Paulo.


Brazil, as a tropical country, is also riddled with problems common in these countries. For example, mosquito related problems such as malaria and dengue have been common around the country. That is why it is important that you cover up with mosquito repellents religiously to avoid any insect bites.

In addition, there is also the concern about drinking water, which is actually mostly potable in most areas in Brazil. However, if you are too conscious about your safety, bottled water is still the safest route to go.


In spite, the problems that a visit to Brazil does pose, partying is one thing that they are the best at. In fact, most of the things that they are known to involve huge social gatherings, Carnival being the most popular one and living mostly beside the coastlines with beautiful beaches helps a lot. In addition, the innate hospitality of its people does not hurt their chances.

All in all, naysayers can throw shade at Brazil preventing you from getting your very own Brazil E-visa. However, knowing that tourism is a huge part of their economy, steps have been made in order for the pros to outweigh the cons. So, if you are still on the fence to apply for a visa, don’t be. Go for it and get your Brazil E-visa application sorted.

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