In the era of fast moving and over crowded public domains, the purpose of ‘every-day-carry’ (EDC) items are top priority for myself. Most of my materialistic possessions are as minimal as possible in function and aesthetic appearance. Yet, these items allow me to accomplish my tasks and endeavors set for them without over using resources or space. Traveling is no different; I want to be carrying as little as possible to achieve the greatest result with the least amount of worry. Here are a few of my recommended travel wallets, all of which I have used in my life time.



Price: $31.00USD – $38.00USD
Designed, manufactured, and distributed in America; the Machine-Era Co. wallet is a solid, sleek, and top of the line quality piece that is very affordable! It is my most recent purchase and I love it so far. Colors come in brass, gunmetal, and black. The site offers other great items as well, such as key chains that serve a dual function of a bottle opener and carabiner that hook on your pants. Made in America. Reasonable price for the quality.

The model I purchased: GunMetal – $31.00USD


Price: $14.95USD – $49.95USD

“The original thin wallet”. This was my first minimal/thin wallet I purchased when transitioning from a ‘normal’, larger sized wallet. Being unfamiliar with thin wallets, I initially thought it was very flimsy and constantly checked my pockets to make sure the wallet was still there. However, I grew very fond of the design and ended up purchasing their RFID Passport Wallet which is absolutely perfect for the traveler. Made in America. Free domestic (America) shipping.

The model I purchased: Nylon Sport – $14.95USD
ALLETT Nylon Sport (black)


Price: $29.95USD – $149.95USD

Although not minimal in price, the Z Clip is the classiest looking wallet listed. In all honesty, the price is worth it if you’re looking for a long term wallet. I have used the Z Clip for approximately 2.5 years with no change in quality of the product. I have dropped it many times on concrete floors and barraged it with constant usage, leaving it with very little to no wear and tear. This is a very durable money clip/wallet that can be used non-stop for years, yet maintain a clean look without losing its functionality of a tight grip that many other money clips lose over time. The carbon fiber clip is made in Texas and the other metal clips are made in China.

The model I purchased: Le Mans – $149.95USD
Z CLIP Le Mans


Price: $65.00USD – $115.00USD

The Ridge Wallet is a cross between the Machine Era design, the BASIC wallet functionality, and price range of the Z Clip. In a review I read, one person said they have been using this wallet for 15 years, making its lifespan one of the best. Possible reasoning for its longevity is the website offering the sale of screws, tools, and replacement straps which thwarts a person from repurchasing an entirely new wallet. Designed in America. Made in China. Great quality product.

The model I purchased: Carbon Fiber – $115.00USD
RIDGE Carbon Fiber


Price: $19.99USD



“Keep it BASIC”. The most uniquely designed of all the wallets on this list. The BASICS wallet is affordable and above all, functional to the highest level. Fit cash, your house key, and up to 15 cards conveniently without the issue of bulkiness. It’s a very clean design and available in four colors (black, grey, red, teal). Slim for your pocket and easy access to your cards gives this a top rating of all the wallets I own.
Designed in America. Made in China.

The model I purchased: Black – $19.99USD

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