Our family’s first cruise together! The cruise line we chose was an Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian Cruise Line. The name of the ship: Norwegian Pearl. Inside and out, the ship was phenomenal! We probably were on board the fastest ship out there because we passed just about every other cruise line set on the same course for each location, unless it was planned for our ship to arrive first, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, she sailed flawlessly!





The view inside our room! To the left of the main bed was a drop down bed (came down from the roof) that allowed three people to sleep comfortably. If needed, the couch to the left was a single pull out bed as well, allowing a total of 4 people! The room was visited at least 2 times a day by room keepers which guaranteed an organized and clean living space upon returning from adventures throughout the day.





Each day a different animal, made of towels, was waiting for us. These can get very creative – we walked past a room that had a monkey (yes, a monkey!) hanging from a bunk bed! Talk about an ‘art piece’.



My favorite part (apart from the endless amount of food!) had to have been the view our balcony gave us each morning. Some days it was open water, other days it was ominously fogged out, one day we saw icebergs floating as we woke up, most days we saw gorgeous green mountains with waterfalls running through them; each morning was a surprise and surreal to say the least.


Entertainment was non-stop. If one wanted to, they could stay on the ship for the duration of the sail. There is more than enough entertainment for both young and old to be occupied all hours of the day. Even at port, the ship had various activities to attend if staying on board. They had a basketball/tennis/soccer court, golf driving range, rock climbing, bowling, pool (too cold most of the trip), jacuzzi, casino, various lounge locations, library, and card playing/board games room. I may be missing a few but like I stated previously, it’s hard to get bored on this cruise ship!






The overall sail was extremely fun. One night we had rough seas which (to me) was like a rollercoaster ride – I loved it. The steady rocking of the ship helped us fall asleep easily. For the most part however, the journey was as smooth as driving a car down a highway. One can simply lose themselves in a hypnotic trance by sitting in a lounge and looking out into the endless path. Norwegian Cruise Line took care of us perfectly and fulfilled our every want and need. If you sail, NCL is an awesome first cruise!

For more information on Norwegian Cruises, visit here.
Contact for booking: (866) 234-7350

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