If you’re a member of or know someone in the Military, a weekend getaway at a Barber’s Point Beach Cottage is a must! If you don’t have any surfboards, you can rent in the same location as the cottage check-in (address below). The stretch of beach located right in front of the cottage is aptly known as “White Plains” due to its endless cycle of waves causing white foam across the ocean’s surface. The building itself is essentailly a home away from home – WiFi included! A water hose is located right before entering through the back to wash off the sand from your feet or any beach items (fins, snorkels, boards, etc.). One of the best parts of this experience is being able to hear the melodic sound of waves crashing on shore – aiding you to sleep after a long day at the beach. 

Few things to note if you are unfamilliar with this location:
– Bring reef walkers if you plan to play in the water without a board or floaty of some sort.  There are jagged rocks here, a person we were with ended up with a huge laceration on her foot during our brief stay!
– Be careful of the current! It can be very rough due to waves constantly breaking and creating undertows.
– Be aware of your location when paddling out – you can drift quite far from your origin.
– Summer time (May – October): Waves will be pumping through the summer months at this location; South side – Great for surfers and bodyboarders (AKA boogie boarders)!
– Winter time (November – April): Waves will be smaller and may even be flat (no waves). Safer for the children!

Unfortunately, only Active/Reserve/Guard or Retired military (of any branch) are allowed to stay here (No DOD workers). The waiting list is also filled out months in advanced so be sure to make reservations ASAP! The price is great for the location and scenery: at the time of writing this it was $110 per day.

View from the back patio.
Bring your own charcoal/wood to BBQ!
The master bedroom with air condition.
The guest room.
Kitchen and dining area with a washer and dryer. This area is an open area linking to the main living room which has a TV.

Check out our Photo Diary for more pictures.

For more information on Barbers Point Beach Cottages , visit here.

Barbers Point Beach Cottages
White Plains Beach Bldg. 1797
Barbers Point, Hawaii, 96707
Phone: (808) 682-3085

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