Our last night in Key West was spent on an incredible show of lights and colors on the high seas via the Danger Charters sea-fearing sailboat. It was a sunset, wind & wine cruise and the craziest time we had while there.


The CHECK-IN office is on land in the Danger Chandlery store. You must check-in here (not the boat/dock) before heading toward the area. Also, the store is the meeting area for the entire party. If you get lost, look for a group of people forming in front of the store.


If you arrive early, you can eat ice cream in one of the tiny shops and wait around the docks. The views are just as beautiful as the ones at sea. It was a Hawaii-Kai ( an affluent neighborhood on Oahu) vibe.



After a small introduction to the crew and agenda for the night, we immediately set sail and received our first wine sample. Each wine represented a different part of the world, and after a few drinks, it seemed like we actually did embark for each country. There were 8 different wines and 5 different beers to either sample all or only drink your favorite. Mary tried most and I ended up trying them all first and going back to my favorite which is what i would recommend doing. Taste the world!


You can’t have a wine sampling without cheese! Along with cheese, small appetizers like some gouda and summer sausage were also passed around. It was enough to fill you up if you had dinner prior. If you expected dinner or to be full off these platters then you will still be hungry afterward.





Hawaii has beautiful sunsets, don’t get me wrong, but this Caribbean sunset was something else. The vibrant colors blended so well it looked like a painting.



Our crew was entertaining and encouraged everyone to mingle. Everyone was having a good time and created life-long friends from it which are completely worth doing, for that alone. Overall, it was a 10/10, “luxury” experience although it was not labeled as one.

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