While walking around Oia, we passed by Kissingfish multiple times. It is located in the middle of shops and restaurants on the main strip of Oia. With its inviting blue and white designs, we knew we could not leave Santorini without visiting inside.


A spa in one of the world’s top destinations? YES PLEASE! Kissingfish offers the ultimate spa experience which is a fish spa (Something I have always wanted to try). At the entrance, the sign above is posted which explains how it works and what it provides. While we were there for the fish spa, they also offered other services such as manicures, pedicures, and full body massages. Also, FREE WIFI!


When we entered, the staff was very welcoming, and the place was so clean! We were able to pick our chairs, and one of the workers knew we were American, so they asked if any of us watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” because the seats we picked were the ones they sat in! (I saw that episode but had no idea they did their fish spa in Santorini haha!).

Going back to the fish spa – Believe it or not, these fish spas are banned in some states and Canadian provinces. (source) Mainly due to the fact of cross contamination issues. However, the fishes (Garra Rufa aka Doctor Fish) are in a glass tank that has been sterilized, crystal clear water run throughout the day with UV radiation, which gives this fish spa the highest hygiene standards.


Before we were able to dip our feet in for the spa therapy, there were some cleaning that needed to be done. We had to make sure we did not have any sunscreen or lotion product on our feet and legs. We were asked to sanitize our feet up to our knees, making sure it was thoroughly clean – wiped dry with the towels and were given disposable slippers. Then, we headed to our chairs putting our feet on top of the glass. Before touching the water, staff asked if there were any open skin from cuts, etc. – they have to tape any areas that have skin breakage. Once everything is clean and taped, it was time to put our feet in.


We took our time putting our feet in as we were panicking in the beginning, realizing what we were about to do – Feed our feet to the fishes! The staff assisted us by dipping our heel first (slowly), once we dipped our heel, the fishes came and started “kissing” the skin and removing dead skin. We followed through with our entire foot and halfway up our leg. It was very ticklish for a few minutes – the fishes were doing a great job in exfoliating the areas. It felt like many vibrations without any pain. It was an indescribable feeling; something I’ve never felt before!


You have the ability to choose from 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes. Once your time is up, you can always extend for more spa time. We picked the 30 minutes and glad we did. After a few minutes of feeling uncomfortable and at the edge of my seat, I began to settle down as relaxation overcame me.


While our other companions were still panicking to put their feet in, the staff were there to calm and guide you in placing your feet in slowly. Remember to breath in and breath out!


After our full session at the fish spa, the results felt instant. Our feet felt very smooth. According to what we were told, the fish have a natural enzyme in their saliva called ‘’diathanol’’ and heal the skin safely. It is a very different (enjoyable) experience from a pedicure, and I would choose this over any other feet spa. It was definitely one of the coolest things I have experienced!

For more information on Kissingfish Santorini, visit here.
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Kissingfish Santorini
Santorini 84700
Cyclades, Greece

Phone: +30 2286022321



  1. I can imagine right now my reaction if I’m doing your fish, kinda a sensational feeling that will make myself laugh. ???? Good job, you deal with it!!!

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