IMG_1212Depending on the duration of the hike, weather, and location our gear varies. For the most part, we have a few items that are mandatory to carry.

IMG_4813Dakine Dry Bag

A dry bag. Any dry bag/waterproof bag is always a good idea. Some bags even though they aren’t waterproof, can be covered with a backpack waterproof cover. Many hikes on Oahu are usually in wet or rainy areas. A dry bag helps protect those most valuable items. This dry bag has backpack straps making it easy to navigate through brush.


Dakine Hydration Pack

For hydration purposes, we use a camel back. Usually one of us carries the water while the other carries the backpack full of our belongings. It allows hands-free movement which is far better than carrying a water bottle or hydro flask. This camel back contains 70-oz./2-liters worth of liquid, far more than enough for a days hike for two people. Always better safe than sorry, though!


IMG_4819Sunscreen & Bug Spray/Lotion

Although, we don’t ALWAYS bring sunscreen and bug repellent, there have been countless times where we have needed it. More often than not, you’ll use these products and the best tip we can give is leave small bottles (as pictured) of both in your glove compartment of your vehicle. That way, you’ll always have it if you need it. Better to have it than not need it, than need it and not have it.  



It doesn’t matter what type of phone, as long as you have one. A non “smart” phone is also good, as long as you can call someone if an unexpected emergency were to arise.

*tip: try not to use your phone as a flashlight/time teller during the long enduring hikes. You never know if and when you’ll use your phone for other important purposes.

Canon T5i

For us, a camera is ALWAYS necessary for documentation purposes and of course, pictures for you to see on this blog!



Tokina Lens 11-20mm f2.8

Canon 50mm lens

Sony a5100 camera

IMG_4818GoPro Hero4 | GoPole

The GoPro is always our “go-to” camera. It is waterproof (with the proper housing) and is used on every waterfall hike we experience. This is a necessity to me (Reid) for documentation. It’s lightweight, portable, and provides great quality photos and video.

Again, these items are all variant on what we are doing and where we are going (i.e. how long or tough a hike will be). Sometimes, we add towels into our dry bag and extra footwear for waterfall hikes, for example. Other times, we will bring an extra bottle of water and a flashlight for sunsets/sunrise hikes. Obviously, you also want to bring/wear the proper attire which should go without saying: hiking shoes, athletic clothes, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and so forth.

The biggest advice we can lend is that it is always better to be safe than sorry in any circumstance when it comes to safety and gear. Being lightweight is also a huge advantage when hiking so if you can fit everything in one bag and use the smallest of accessories to accomplish the biggest of tasks then go for what’s best! It’s a great feeling to do things with your hands-free of any carried items.

We’ve been adventuring for years and our gear is always adapting to new circumstances along with the available technology out in the market. We upgrade when and where we see fit. Whatever helps us pack lighter, smarter, and adds a layer of safety then we are all for it, which is the end goal.

Disclaimer: Although important to us, gear can only bring a limited benefit in a safety aspect. It all comes down to your best judgment. Stay safe while out there!

Thanks for the read!


“Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.” 
Jeff Cooper



  1. Bringing water wherever you go is definitely necessary! I try to pack as light as possible when hiking because I don’t like being weighed down. We got a Sony RX100 and I’ve really liked that for being a small, lightweight camera that’s easy to bring along but still takes great photos.

  2. Agree! Water is always a necessity, if it’s the one thing to bring on any adventure, water should be it! We love our Sony as well and have replaced it 3 times over the years due to its lightweight capabilities!

  3. Never tried hiking before but your list is really great. I will keep this and will be my reference in the future. Thanks.

  4. I like the contrast in the first picture between all the techy stuff and the bug repellant/sun screen, but considering past experiences of mine, these objects are worth carrying every time! 😀
    I’d also need to buy a decent camera to bring with me…

  5. We always try to pack as light as possible but the items you mentioned here are definitely not missable. Waterproof bag is necessary at least to keep important documents. And none can go without water.

  6. Completely agree, that’s why we always leave extra sunscreen/bug spray in our vehicles instead of bringing it on the hike themselves. Spray and go. 🙂

  7. Great gear list! Very similar to mine. Hydration packs are essential and I love your Tokina superwide. I’ve got the 11-16 for Nikon and love it. I need to get a better waterproof bag for my hikes, right now I just have a drybag for diving. Luckily its not too necessary here in South Korea. The one thing I would add to your list is snacks! I always carry trail mix with me 😉

  8. Simply written, I like it. Your pictures are incredible, really enjoyed them! I have not been on a proper hike yet but will definitely get to doing that!

  9. AH-HAH! SNACKS! A Snack is something we should have incorporated for sure, thank you for the recommendation! We personally don’t carry edibles as most hikes here are short (at least the ones we’ve done) but you can guarantee I will bring at least a protein bar of some sorts on enduring hikes. Thanks again! South Korea is also somewhere we can’t wait to visit!

  10. Like your hiking gear list! Dry and mesh bags are necessary for me as well. I haven’t tried a hydration pack though. How many liters can it have? Is it really comfortable to wear?

  11. This is a great list, and almost exactly what we take on our hikes as well! The dry bag and Camelback are so important.

  12. I’m a huge outdoor lover. I especially like long multi-day treks in remote areas, and then a gear list is completely different. But sometimes it’s so nice to go for a shorter hike, and let your back have some rest. Then, your list is great! 🙂

  13. Our hydration pack is a 70oz/2-L capacity. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight, you won’t even know it’s there.

  14. wow, multi day hikes eh? We havent done any like those…yet 😉 These are definitely for shorter hikes.

  15. Good list of essentials! Although I have never done a long hike, I think these could be useful for any hike or even a day trip. Sunscreen is a must especially in the summer. I always forget the bug repellent and have it with me when I don’t need it.