When planning a trip, I used multiple websites to look up air fares and package deals. Thanks to my cousin (Kris), when he visited Hawaii, he mentioned that he booked his flight through Google Flights. Yes, good ole Google! It has it’s own section for flights. INSANE! I had no idea this tool existed on Google. (What else is Google hiding from me?!) I’ve been using Google Flights to plan and book our trip ever since!



You can’t start planning a trip without knowing where to go. Where to visit? What to see? Google Flights makes it much easier to find a destination using their map and Discover Destination with all sorts of categories to choose from. For example, in “Interests” you can choose if you want a trip for a Honeymoon, the Culture, Adventure Travel, Beaches, Nature, etc. Google gives you every possible reason you may be choosing a destination, all in a very organized and user friendly way.

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From the categories you chose, possible destinations are brought up in a world map which also give prices from where you are departing from!


Now, find out how many days you’ll want to be getting away and ball park some dates. It doesn’t have to be exact yet, a general range is good enough to start off. (If you know the exact dates, even better!)

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After choosing a date, it’s time to look at prices. Best time to go is when the prices are low! I typically like places that are not filled with visitors. Especially during high peak seasons. NOPE. If you can, try to be flexible. The more flexible you are with your travels, the cheaper it will be. Depending on your travel, you can choose either Round Trip, One Way or Multi City / Non-stop, 1 stop, or 2 stops / Economy, Business Class, or First Class.

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With Google Flights, you can see prices for your trip every day of the month. The graph shows the cheapest fares for the month (shown in green). The graph and entire month overview of prices is the most helpful tool on Google Flights! Also, when choosing a price there are also airlines to choose from, which affects price as well.

Save Flight

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Once you have your destination, dates, and price set for your trip, save the flight! This will save your itinerary. It’s best to not book right away as price can possibly get even go lower. Once the trip is saved, Google will monitor the flights and notify you if the prices go down! THANK YOU GOOGLE!

*TIp for booking cheaper fares, don’t book right away… Wait until prices go down. Let Google notify you! 🙂

Lastly.. Are you feeling spontaneous?

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One last thing I wanted to share about Google Flights is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. This will scan through random destinations that’s popular and will show which flight is the cheapest for that location. Pretty much having Google plan an entire trip for you… HOW COOL IS THAT?! It’s been a dream of mine to one day click that button and book a flight! (It will happen sooner than later!)

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