During our Grand Canyon visit, we were lucky to book a stay at Maswik Lodge. It is lodging within the Grand Canyon which immediately makes it ten times cooler and convenient! There are several lodges in the Grand Canyon National Park. However, Maswik is walking distance from the main food court, a gift shop, and bus routes that drop you off to various locations throughout the park.





gcsr_ML_SQ2Nc_loThe room is just like any other room you would fine anywhere whether it be a fancy Hotel or Inn: Bed, TV, shower. Either you view it as a decent or less then habitable, it shouldn’t be a bother because the main reason for the visit is to see what lies on the outside; The Grand Canyon.

The view wasn’t all that staggering however, we did see various wildlife.

Although it isn’t the fanciest of places to stay, the convenience of Maswik Lodge is what makes it worth it. Apart from staying within the Grand Canyon, the nearest stop is miles away which in the end kills your visiting time to truly see its grandeur. Staying on the premise of the park is entirely worth it!

Maswik Lodge Room Rates

Room Type 2017 Rate 2016 Rate
South Room with two queen beds $112.00 $107
North Room with two queen beds $215.00 $205
Extra Adult $9 $9

Maswik Lodge at Grand Canyon National Park
For more information, visit here.
202 South Village Loop Drive
Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
Phone: (928) 638-2631

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