The main reason we visited Arizona: To see The Grand Canyon. It was a Bucket List item checked off. The stories you hear about how wonderful and beautiful it is doesn’t compare until you see it for yourself. Talk about complete sense of humility. You know when you find yourself stargazing and become so enthralled by the site that you feel so insignificant? Visiting the Grand Canyon has the ability to cause a similar reaction. There are multiple entrances and different parts of the park you can visit and it’s impossible to really see all of it in one day (the multitude of other visitors doesn’t help visitation). We visited and stayed in the southern ridge of the Grand Canyon.









The Southern Ridge doesn’t have a Skywalk like the Northern Rim but it does have this cool watch tower. However, it isn’t what you think: it is a modern day built tower made to look like it was a restored tower. In fact, it was made using the rocks from the surrounding area which is pretty cool. It has influences of Native American and old Western designs.









Not all sites are restored or built new; the hermits rest was an actual building and in full use during the era of the Grand Canyons first visitors.




During sunset, there are different shades of red and orange that illuminates the canyon. As the ever lowering sun casts different shadows, it offers a new breath of life in the valley changing the original view to something new entirely.


DSC09942The sunsets at The Grand Canyon are just as breathtaking as any other view.






Grand Canyon Map (source)

It doesn’t matter what section or ridge you visit, but the Grand Canyon is a MUST see for any traveler foreign and domestic. It’s a shame if you live in the surrounding area and have never basked in the glory of it. It truly is a natural wonder of the world.

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“It’s like trying to describe what you feel when you’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it’s like.”
Jack Schmitt


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  1. You took some great pictures! I think my favorite was the one that shows the different shades illuminating the canyon! I was never really motivated to tour the park, but I think your post has changed my mind. I definitely need to see it in my lifetime!