After visiting Key West for a few days, we drove back up to Miami!



  • Rent state-of-the art electric bicycles and other in and out vehicles such as mopeds or golf carts. Be at the rental shop early though! Many places run out of inventory to rent out before the afternoon.
  • If you are on a budget, restaurants along Ocean Drive are not the be most affordable. $15 for an orange juice is a little ridiculous. If you can, eat before walking the strip or eat just two streets behind Ocean Drive. We had a 5 dollar pizza from just around the corner!
  • Ocean Drive is the main hub of all the action: picture Las Vegas but without casinos.
  • Depending on where you stay, there is transportation available, provided by your hotel. If possible, opt to take the shuttle or other means of getting around because parking ranges from a minimum of $20 – $30. Street parking is scarce as well. We made heavy use of Uber and Lyft.



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We stayed at The Washington Park Hotel, #whereplayhappens. There’s not much available land area we noticed while driving around Miami but WPH provides a little sanctuary in the form of an outdoor, ground-level pool and small grassy area for relaxing via hammock or over a few drinks at the local bar. Also, if you’re planning on moving to Miami, check this out: Suddath Miami Guide




DSC02414We checked-in and went straight to bed for our first night in Miami because the next day was spent driving to Orlando and visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter World inside Universal Studios Florida. It’s a must for every Harry Potter fan!


DSC02520Our second day was spent exploring Miami. Ocean Drive is within walking distance of the Washington Park Hotel, making it very accessible for us. We went window shopping, ate at a couple of restaurants, and most entertainingly, walked around Ocean Drive.


DSC02536As mentioned before, scooters, bicycles, mopeds and other means of transportation are all available for rent. It’s a nice way to explore the area while saving energy.

467A7362If you do have a car, driving around can be just as entertaining as walking the Miami Strip. If you admire the lifestyles of the rich and famous, head over to Star Island to check out mega yachts and multi-million dollar homes!



467A7057 copyOur last day was spent at the creative Wynwood Walls art exhibit. Beautiful mosaics are spread across a few blocks on streets and on buildings, even on the sidewalks!


DSC02687It was a day full of art! We visited the MOCA Museum Miami. At the time, the exhibit was SYNERGISM: Ekaterina and Victor Khromin. A story of how death took the life of Victor and how his wife, Ekaterina, continues his work through the process known as “Synergism.”


DSC02606Our last activity in Miami (and the trip) was a Forbes 5-Star Spa treatment, Remede Spa.


When in Miami, you have to try Mexican! Alright, Cuban is the dish that should be tried, but if you are in Miami and craving some delicious, uniquely made tacos, head on over to Naked Taco for a little taste of Mexico.

Miami is a melting pot of culture and cuisine. Tatore Italian Restaurant was delicious for that pasta crave!

All across the strip of Ocean drive are restaurants!

We wish we had a few more days to explore all of Miami. We mainly stayed in South Beach, but it was beautiful and well worth it. Hopefully, we can revisit and do more sooner than later. If we missed something, let us know in the comments what you did!


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