After a three and a half hour drive up from Key West to Miami, all we wanted to do was rest! There are many places to choose while in Miami but for an affordable and accessible location, The Washington Park Hotel was a prime decision. It was a sight for weary eyes. We checked in just as night fell, just as the night life began to spring alive.




First off, I just want to say that the lobby was the best smelling lobby my nose has ever had the privilege of smelling. It wasn’t sharp or overwhelming but instead, attracting and tranquil. The check-in building is about 20 feet from Valet services, in the Kenmore building.


The waiting area is located right by the bar and acts as a dual function for guests who want to get some reading done, work, or just relax and have a few drinks.




There are multiple buildings located on premise, each with their own rooms. Instead of a traditional hotel, it is more like a community. An old school way of living and how residents now live: in these 2-3 story structures all with a distinct personality within their walls. It’s an authentic flair of the Miami life.



After walking all day, and window shopping at Dash, there was no better feeling than coming back to an empty hammock at the Washington Park Hotel and just laying there, absorbing the ambiance. Just beyond the hedge lies a bustling, active sidewalk with crowds of people walking to and fro, but in our little sanctuary, we were at peace and enjoyed our dinner on the lawn.



In all our travels, we had never witnessed an establishment allowing patrons access to the rooftops. It was an excellent experience as we had never done this before. It is open to all guests and readily available in the first building  – Kenmore Building (about four flights up via elevator). The other buildings seemed to have terraces but were only available if you were staying in that particular room. With seating and open area, it was great place to dance, drink, take photos, and observe the downtown festivities while being away from all the action.




Our room was located in the second building, Taft. This is also where you will find the breakfast buffet, if purchased.





No room is good without a coffee station!


An elegant surprise of comfort upon entering Washington Park Hotel is, after long traveling days.



Pools are fantastic, and I think you can’t call yourself a hotel if you don’t have pool access. That being said, the WPH pool area was full, but the water itself was empty which I found hilarious. The Washington Park Hotel offers all these great amenities, but everyone seemed to have ignored it all! The pool area had a hammock, fresh lemon infused-drinking water, clean towels, many sunbathing chairs, and of course, a pool available for all guests. Who am I to judge what a visitor does in their free/off time at a hotel but my recommendation to everyone who visits is to make use of all the great and easily accessible things they have to offer!



Bikes! A Florida feature for most, if not all, hotels it seems. Honestly, the best way to get around town if you don’t want to drive the backed up streets or pay for a crazy uber/lyft driver.


So you don’t feel like putting in physical work, after all, you’re on vacation! It’s time to relax. WPH offers a cute little tuk-tuk! It’s a little golf-cart type vehicle that can assist in getting you around! For the traveler familiar with the Asian culture, we were giddy like little children to ride around in it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to it partly because we were exhausted to visit anywhere else and party because the weather turned for the worse when it wasn’t in use by other guests.


Of course, for the gym lovers, a small gym located in the back of the Bel Air Building is available. My advice: if you’re going to run, run through the Miami streets – much more entertaining and plus, the beach is an excellent way to end any workout.



Employee’s Only is their on-premise restaurant with primary dining outdoors. We didn’t make time to dine here but have read good things about it.


Prices for the Continental breakfast are $16 for adults and $10 for kids.


Columbian coffee, tea, and orange juice are free for all guests. They  do not need to be purchased during your stay.


If you don’t fancy the grassy area, or a swinging hammock to eat your breakfast, seating can be found just outside, between the buildings of Taft and Kenmore.





If you’re headed out for the night to explore the town, the fun can start at Swizzle Bar. It is located just behind the lobby, in the Kenmore Building.

This modern and millennial designed hotel is a fantastic location to stay while in Miami. During our visit, we did not check in any other hotels, but after walking around town, we noticed that not many other locations had such a wide area for guests. Most were just entered straight off the widewalk, where at the Washington Park Hotel, there were many areas to sit down and absorb the lights and sounds whether inside or out. In addition, it is conveniently located a few blocks away from the beach and even less to the famous Ocean Drive or shopping plazas. Ideally close enough but far off not to be bothered by too much stimulation. A perfect place to stay when visiting Miami for an affordable rate.

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Washington Park Hotel
1050 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
(305) 421-6265 

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was welcomed as a guest at Washington Park Hotel. All our opinions are honest. Mahalo!


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