Life can be a daunting experience yet, rewarding. The attitude in which we adjust ourselves in certain situations can either make or break us, shift our career pursuit, damage relationships or grant us the immunity from any discouragement. In the end, it all comes down to how we handle ourselves in situations and persevere through those times. I believe education and self-development can create a barrier from these negative moments in life and prepare you to handle any situation that gets thrown your way.

“Wait, isn’t this a ‘Travel Blog’?”

Of course, but that’s not all we are here for. Apart from using this site as a living journal, it also includes things we find that have influenced/changed our lives for the better and we would like to share these same benefits with our community! For those looking for answers as to “what should I do?”, “what do I want out of life?”, “I’m not happy, where can I find Happiness, my purpose?” or constantly believe “my life is shit”, here are some motivational and self-developmental books that I believe can help you on your way:


by Rhonda Byrne; When she first started writing the secret, Rhoda’s life was in shambles and with proper research, she found out that life can be summed up into one major reason: Law of attraction. What you think you become.


by Greg Reid & Sharon Lechter; A true story about a self-centered asshole learning humility in the most unique way possible and how he persevered through his obstacles to success.


by T. Harv Eker; Eker teaches you how to change the blueprint of your mind from “poor” thinking to “rich” thinking. See opportunity rather than defeat in any given situation.


by MJ DeMarco; The true story of MJ DeMarco with big dreams who did “everything by the book” but was yet to be fulfilled until one cold night on his job, with nowhere to go, something in him sparked.


by Robert Kiyosaki; A Hawaii raised boy with an inquisitive mind, set on a path of entrepreneurship from a young age, learned everything he knew from his two dads. Quite possibly the most impactful book to me.

The list can go on but these are the main books that I have enjoyed, learned the most and helped rewire my thinking for the better. There are much more well-known books by the likes of giants in the field Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. There are also books that have nothing to do with wealth but have benefited my overall well-being such as practicing mindfulness, stress-free lifestyles, and health texts.

There is so much to learn out there and to even begin is the correct move in improving oneself. There is NO age limit, NO time frame to complete your readings. The most important thing to remember is to JUST START READING. I wasn’t a big reader growing up. The only times I read was because I had to, for school projects or some other non-beneficial reasoning.

I have only started reading these types of books toward the end of 2015. If you don’t like to read, begin first by reading things that interest you! I began with fantasy/fictional books like Halo & Warcraft, which is what I recommend you doing; anything to get you going. Not a physical book type of reader? Try Audible – Listen to your books – Turn crowded public transportation into a classroom, your car into a moving university or the waiting room a place of peace by listening to your favorite novel. I used to loathe traffic but now I hope there is traffic so I get more out of my audiobook! Maybe that’s cheating, but I am still able to gather new knowledge from each piece of work.

I hope this post helps you all out and has given you motivation to start reading something, anything!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon. If you decide to purchase any products through the links, you’re simply supporting our blog. Mahalo! 

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