Japan is well known for their technology and engineering marvels, Kansai Airport being one and Odaiba island. Both of which we visited. Both are man-made. The kicker is that Odaiba was made in the 1850’s, for defensive purposes! Fast forward a couple centuries and it is now a major shopping and leisure district.

DSC08188One of the famous landmarks in Japan is located on Odaiba – The Gundam robot, protector of Earth. Behind this Gundam is a shopping center, Diver City Tokyo Plaza.



DSC08181Moving away, toward the water, you’ll see many cool buildings, like the pictured one above – The Fuji TV Building. It is not a tourist site but very inviting for photography. A cool thing I noticed was that there were many other photographers around this area and even talked to one. What a great place for both shopping and for those inner artists of any style!

_MG_2741-2Walkway toward Tokyo Harbor and another shopping center to the right!

DSC08225Other buildings include this mini Statue of Liberty with the Rainbow Bridge behind it. To the left is Hilton hotel (not pictured), a very gorgeous building overlooking Tokyo Harbor.

_MG_2804View from the coastline: Two man-made islands turned into historical sites with Artillery/Gun batteries (able to visit – museum), Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower in the distance (orange tower), downtown Tokyo (cluster of buildings to the left) and Tokyo Tower. Odaiba was amazing at night: the temperature was perfect (late May) and it was such a photogenic location. Highly recommend visiting here to see some amazing sites while shopping is just a bonus.

Here’s how to get around Odaiba and get to it using different subway/train lines:3008_map_1607(source)

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