DSC06039Aloha everyone, Mary here! On my 26th birthday, my friends and I decided to have a staycation at the beautiful and luxurious, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. Located in Waikiki, about 40 minutes from the Honolulu International Airport.


IMG_9785Upon checking-in, the front desk was nice enough to give us a room upgrade to an ocean view! In our spacious room, we have two queen size beds, which is a great fit for our party of four.

IMG_9799Everything you needed in the center with an ipad to use as a menu and other guides throughout the hotel. Very classy touch!


DSC05868This hotel quickly became one of my favorite hotels because of this feature. Yes, a bidet toilet! As you can see, it’s not much to amuse me. This was definitely a favorite part of the room, for all of us.


DSC05930Adding to one of my favorites, the balcony. Look at his spectacular view! Overlooking the Diamond Head. Sunrise and sunset were beautiful outside our balcony.



DSC06023Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki made sure guests are taken care of with the numerous amenities it offered. Right downstairs from our hotel room, there were multiple stores for food, drinks, souvenirs, and clothing items. They even have Rum Fire, which is a great place for drinks during night outs.


One cool features around the hotel is this, sand sculptures!


DSC05991What good is a hotel if there were no awesome pools right? Sheraton Hotel had two pools, one for adults and one for kids. I definitely enjoyed the kids pool since it had a few slides and great for a morning swim when it’s not crowded.


DSC06002The real reason why I chose Sheraton for a staycation was because of the infinity pool. This pool is for adults only because you’re allowed to have an alcoholic beverage in hand when you’re in this pool. The pool is perfect for couples who want to watch the sunset with a drink in hand. It’s also a great area for photos!



DSC05904From 10am to 6pm, they put those bean bag chairs in the infinity pool for the ultimate relaxation.

DSC05898Our delicious drinks served with a plumeria flower.


DSC05867I wish our girls staycation never ended! Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at on Oahu. I recommend staying here whether you’re on a honeymoon, vacation, or just having a staycation with friends and/or family. It’s a great luxury hotel with many amenities and it’s right in Waikiki which is around multiple shopping stores and restaurants.

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Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
2255 Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 922-4422

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