While visiting Sydney, we went to Taronga Zoo. We expected it to take a day but it was perfect to knock out in a few hours and have a few hours left to explore the area.
Tip: Purchase tickets online for savings.


9:30am – 4:30pm (May – Aug)
9:30am – 5:00pm (Sept – Apr)
9:30am – 4:00pm (New Years Eve)
*Taronga Zoo is open daily including Christmas day.


*Children under 4 years of age are free.


First off, get an Opal card! You’re able to use this card for the ferries, trains, and buses around Sydney. It makes transportation across the area trouble-free. A card can be purchased by just about any pantry-type store. If you’re unsure, the locals are very helpful in guiding you to the correct place to purchase one. (Obviously, use good judgement when listening to advice.)


_Q7A9573You can get to Taronga Zoo by any major modes of transportation: Car, Bus, Train, or Ferry. The best mode of transportation to the zoo is by Ferry. It is only a 15-minute ride from Circular Quay and gives a beautiful view of the harbor and Sydney City.



IMG_0240Get the map of Taronga zoo at the entrance!

_Q7A9273Our favorite! The Kuala.




_Q7A9404Beautiful endangered species are taken care of here! This is a Bongo, an African Forest Antelope.


_Q7A9496This thing looked so badass in person as it does in this photo! This is a Rhinoceros Lizard AKA GOLIATH DRAGONS! I would not want to mess with this thing. The picture really does not capture its raw size.



_Q7A9340This was unique. This was seen around the Gorilla exhibit. Unfortunately, we were late to see them as they were eating lunch but the area looked very well kept and clean.

Tip: Many, if not all, of the animals have “showing” times. When we went during lunch time (10AM-12PM) there were about 3 animals we missed due to this and barely caught the Chimpanzee’s coming out. Our tip is to make sure you either stay for a few hours or plan accordingly when visiting. The animals aren’t gone long, be patient!


_Q7A9515Don’t forget to hydrate! Taronga zoo offers a stand to refill your water bottle for free! Also, dress accordingly – it was pretty hot when we visited in November.

_Q7A9428In the middle of the park, by the Mountain Goats, lies a breathtaking view of the Opera House and the Sydney skyline.

IMG_0306Included in the admission price, ride the Sky Safari! It takes you over the entire Zoo down to a pier. Recommend to take this toward the end of your trip as it will take you the pier in which you can catch a ferry out of the park.


If looking at animals up close and personal wasn’t good enough then challenge yourself in a high ropes course zigzagging in and out of pathways. View the wildlife and Syndey Harbour from an elevated, thrilling point of view!

Wild Ropes Tickets – Online Price

  Junior * Adult
Adventure Package
(2 courses)
$30 $35
Adventure Package + Zoo $45 $69
Ultimate Adventure
(4 courses)
$50 $60
Ultimate Adventure + Zoo
(4 courses)
$65 $94



Roar and Snore – Sydney’s Ultimate Sleepover!
Almost falling into the Gorilla enclosure and climbing tree tops throughout the zoo wasn’t exciting enough? How about participating in the most unique experience we ever heard a zoo invent: SLEEPOVER! I’m getting excited just talking about this and if I am getting excited, imagine how your kids would feel! We didn’t expirecene it…yet, but if you do leave a comment! We’d love to hear about your expirence.

Basically, this place is a giant fun zone if you love animals. Bring your children here and they will flip out! There are multiple shows throughout the day; even a dolphin and seal show). With a clean environment, professional staff and outstanding view, Taronga Zoo is a MUST if you are in Sydney.

For more information on Taronga Zoo, visit here.
Get your Taronga Zoo tickets, here.

Taronga Zoo
Bradleys Head Rd,
Mosman NSW 2088, Australia
(800) 392-1999

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