We’ve learned the hard way of “packing only what you need” from our recent trips. The hassle of carrying more adds burden in keeping the whereabouts of items when unpacked, a heavier load that needs to be transported, and inaccessibility when searching for that specific pair of socks at the bottom of your suitcase. Not to mention, when you’re running late and need to get in and out as quickly as possible all while navigating the way around. Essentially, the lighter you pack the more stress-free you can travel, in our experience. Away suitcases open the gate for stress-free travel. In this specific post, we review The Carry-On.


“The Carry-On” has measurements of 21.7” x 13.7” x 9” inches and weighs 7 lbs/3 kilos. The capacity is 38liters and available in different colors such as Black, White, Sand, Green, Blue, and Asphalt. We have the black and white Carry-On’s (Reid – Black; Mary – White). Although light and portable, don’t be fooled; this thing can withstand serious weight (we jumped on them to make sure it held up like their site advertises).


Apart from being extremely durable, Away Luggage has many features, one of them being a built in TSA approved lock set to your personal pin. The two zippers lock into the TSA lock allowing for secure merchandise and peace-of-mind travels.


Inside has a perfect set up of two compartments. One side is designed for clothes (the buckled area) while the other is designated mainly for shoes, toiletries, and more clothes if you so choose.


It also has a small zipper pocket with a nylon Laundry bag included, separating dirty clothes from your clean clothes. Perfectly organized.


Now, quite possibly the best feature that Away suitcases offer: TWO built-in portable charging ports. Yes, your suitcase is now a moving power station. Forget bulky, heavy, external chargers. You don’t need to pack one if you’ll be close to your suitcase! We usually bring two externals with us but for our next trip, we will only need one (if any) for those long hikes or city exploring days.


The Carry On can fit a lot more than this but we only did a weekend staycation so it was kept light. We love that you don’t need to bring a charger with you during a quick staycation. As long as the Away suitcase is charged, it can charge up your phone throughout the weekend.

We loved this suitcase and it is now part of our necessary gear when traveling. It eases the load both physically and mentally all while maintaining its minimal style and functionality. Get away from stressful traveling with Away.

For more information on Away, visit here.
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Disclaimer: Away provided us with our own suitcases to try out and give our honest review. Thank you Away Luggage for creating such an amazing brand and allowing us to use your products!

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