Writing a top ten beach post is difficult. Honestly, it’s hard to say which one is at #10, #3, or barely made the list. Being born on Oahu and raised on some of these beaches, bring back memories no other spots could outshine. Where some locations are so beautiful for sunsets, it’s hard to rank it below #2. Either way, this is a post about beaches we’ve fallen in love with and hope to inspire the same feelings in you if you visit them:

Lanikai Beach

On the Windward Side, i.e. East Side, lies a beach former President Barack Obama used to host his vacations. It is also Mary’s favorite beach. Lanikai Beach is approximately 1/2 miles / 800 meters long with about seven access ways. It is also used as a launch pad to paddle to the Mokes – two twin islands off the coast of Lanikai.

Keiki Beach

Keiki Beach is located on the North Shore of Oahu. During the winter, the waves form in massive sizes, making it dangerous for children and adults if unfamiliar with the ocean. In the summer, however, it’s a beautiful spot to have a picnic, play in the sand or small shore break.

Sunset Beach


The famous Sunset Beach just passed Keiki’s Beach, is host to the second section of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Any North Shore you visit during the winter can be very dangerous. During the summer, it’s a playground for swimmers, beach goers and paddle boarders. Very fun and safe during the summer time.

Ehukai Beach

In the final stages of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is Ehukai Beach, or better known as Banzai Pipeline, aka Pipe. It is one of the most renown beaches in the world for surfers. It’s loved by all. The beauty of this beach is year round in either form of being an onlooker of the surfers getting barreled or playing in the shore-break.

Waimea Bay

A top two beach for us in the summer. This is primarily a touristy location, and the small parking lot quickly fills up. You can read more about it here. Visiting friends and family are surely to be taken here.

Bellows Beach

In the city of Waimanalo, you’ll find the beach I grew up on. At one point we were headed here once a week. In my Keiki, Hana-bada days, My parents took the long drive (about 45 minutes) to the East Side and hosted celebrations of all sorts here, occasionally. Bellows Beach is a fun, safe, sand-bottom beach for the adventurous child. The waves can be rough at times which will require more attention to your loved ones but overall, it is easy to control yourself through the break.

Kaiona Beach

Not too far off bellows and neighbor to Waimanalo Beach is a less crowded beach called Kaiona Beach Park. We don’t visit this beach too much because Bellows is along the same stretch and over the years I have become attached to it. It’s bellows, but down the road, simple as that.

Yokohama beach

On the opposite side from most of these beaches on this list is one, recently favorited beach by the Wanderlustyle family. In the last roads that lead to Kaena’s West Point is a beach similar to Keiki’s, as before mentioned. A nice spot for a summer’s day.

Makapu’u Beach

Makapu’u is a great spot to take a dip after you just finished running up Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail. It’s an excellent spot for bodyboarders when the waves are big enough. It’s a fun spot but far walk if you have many things to carry.

Ko’olina Beach

Last but not least, Ko’olina Beach, located on the West side, just past Kapolei. At the time of writing this, we live in Ewa Beach and is approximately 20 minutes away which is the closest beach similar to Lanikai. Landon and his grandparents love hanging out in these man-made lagoons.

It was rough writing this post because some beaches seemed repetitive while others seemed misplaced. Some beaches are suitable for surfers while others are ideal for families. We are family so have a variety of mutually favorited spots. Hopefully, this list get’s you to find a new favorite beach! Let us know what your favorite beach is in the comments.