After booking our flight to El Nido, Palawan, searching for a suitable accommodation was next. El Nido is a small island which means there aren’t any major brand hotels, nor are there many others to choose. There were mostly hostels, Airbnb, and any other luxury resorts were located on other islands. We wanted to stay in a place near the central town of El Nido that could fit our group of five easy and comfortable.


Sea Cocoon Hotel was rated as one of the best hotels and voted as 2017 Traveler’s Choice award by Trip Advisor. The hotel is centrally located in the main town of El Nido, just as we hoped, and is a quick 5 minute walk from the harbor. It’s also surrounded by functional stores, restaurants, and a pharmacy.


When we arrived, I noticed it was one of the few four story building in town, making it the tallest structure in sight. also. There was also a security guard standing outside, making it feel safe. We walked into the pristine lobby and were immediately helped by the staff in the form of hello’s & welcome’s or should we say “Mabuhay!”, assistance with our bags and directions of where to check-in.


After we checked-in, we were given the key card and made a b-line to our room, on the 4th floor. The biggest room offers space to fit four which equals to one queen size and two single beds. Being that there were five people in our group, they set up a foldable mattress on the floor. Along with every memory foam, over spring mattress beds, the room was frigid with the central AC – a good thing, especially in the hot, humid weather of the Phillippines. It had a private balcony, electronic safe, tv with cable, and plenty of storage space for luggage. The room was very spacious and well equipped.


The bathroom is located close to the entrance door. It was a modern design with a double shower (fixed and handheld) and filtered bathing water – it was safe to brush our teeth.


Every room includes a complimentary breakfast with breakfast buffet and hot foods. They serve juice, hot tea, coffee, cereal, and an assortment of fruits.


As for the hot foods, it can be chosen the night before, so it’s ready the next morning.

Tapa and fried eggs with white rice. (it can be ordered with garlic rice)
Longanis (sausage) with fried eggs and white rice.


Right outside of the dining area, for breakfast, is the pool area. There were little to no people swimming during the day because most people are at the harbor or doing different tours, most times to other islands. The pool lights up at night which is the time most guests are lounging in it.


Next to the pool is a changing cubicle, shower cubicle, and restrooms. Convenient after playing in the pool, avoiding the long trip back to the room to get ready if headed out after.


Sea Cocoon Hotel also offers organized tours for you at the front desk. They have a canopy walk and island hopping tours.


Transportation: The main mode of transportation around El Nido is a tricycle which fits up to four passengers. They’re everywhere! It’s what we took to and from the airport.

Wifi: Free wifi is offered to every guest. This hotel does not give away the password to guests but will gladly type in the password in front of you, into your electronic device. Also, there is a wifi password for the room and lobby area.

Our stay at the Sea Cocoon Hotel was fantastic, and every person that made up the staff was courteous, generous and efficient. I would stay here again, in a heartbeat, and recommend this hotel to anyone heading to the main town of El Nido.

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Sea Cocoon Hotel
Calle Real, El Nido, Palawan, 5313 Philippines



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