While searching for a flight from Manila, Philippines to El Nido, Palawan, there was one airline that flew directly into our destination. The airline was AirSWIFT. Since it was a direct flight, it was also the least affordable, for money saving travelers, compared to other flights going to Palawan. There was another flight which was to Puerto Princesa, Palawan which also included a 6-hour van ride to El Nido, Palawan (our final destination) which was the most affordable flight. Booking with AirSwift was the best alternative if you are tight on time. In reality, it saved us six hours which meant for the extra cost; we had 6+ hours that could be used to explore and settle in.


AirSWIFT is a prop plane (similar to Island Air) that flies direct from Manila to El Nido, Palawan which is a 1 hour and 15 minute flight. Booking with AirSWIFT was quick and easy – completed online and to make things even more smooth, check-in was just as quick and simple.


Upon checking-in, I noticed this sign at the desk. It’s different from other signs I’ve seen in my travels. What caught my attention was the no umbrella on carry-on baggage, which was different. The agents checked our bags and promptly tagged our carry-on bags for boarding. Each person is allowed 7kg (15 lbs.) carry-on and 20kg (44 lbs.) check-in luggage.


Once we received our boarding pass, we were told to go to the AirSWIFT gate after the standard security check. Once we arrived at the gate, an AirSWIFT customer service agent gave us snack bags, for each passenger.

Kid snacks: Banana, Kit Kat Bar, Cheese Bread, and Apple Juice.
Adult snacks: Ham & Cheese Croissant, Blueberry Muffin, and Water


To board, we boarded a bus that brought us to the tarmac where we boarded one of the new AirSWIFT planes. The flight attendants were very accommodating and assisted with our baggage immediately (which they did not have to do). Everything was punctual. We boarded and departed right on time.


The seats were immaculate; each seat had a table, reclining seats, and a safety instructions card along with the standard entertaining magazine and a sickness bag. After getting comfortable, we ate the snacks, in our bag, provided by AirSWIFT.

While seated, I noticed this sign that I’ve never seen on a plane before: No using of electronics while departing and landing.


After a very smooth and comfortable flight, we arrived at Lio Airport Terminal in El Nido, Palawan which is an airport dedicated for the AirSWIFT airlines in El Nido. It was the smallest airport I’ve ever encountered! We were the only ones at the airport and with little human traffic, it was clean, and baggage claim was speedy!



Waiting area during departure.
Refreshments for all passengers: Iced tea, coffee, green tea, juice, and snacks.
Spotless bathroom with attendants to aid you, if needed.


After reading some negative reviews online, I’m glad we still ended up booking with AirSWIFT. We did not have a negative experience at any time, throughout our flight or en route to the gate/baggage claim. Both ways, heading to El Nido and back to Manila, was stress-free. The ground crew, flight attendants, and pilots presented themselves very professionally, and our family felt safe during our travels. We highly recommend booking with AirSWIFT for a direct flight to El Nido, Palawan.

Would you fly with this airline again? YES!

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