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Burning with eagerness for the weekend activity, Mary and I arrived at the Trump Hotel Waikiki an hour early! It would be our first full body Spa experience. Valet was included (for all Spa/Wai’olu Lounge guests), so after dropping the car off with valet, we took the elevator up to the dedicated Spa level. With a warm greeting from the receptionist we checked in. A check list was given to us, individually, asking what precise locations to focus on and what we were ideally wanting to fulfill while being there. Whether it be a healing massage for a specific aching pain, a reset and rejuvenation of the mind, or boost in energy to slaughter the oncoming work week with a spirit rival – OR choose all – It all comes down to what you want. The staff are focused on elevating your happiness from the moment you step in to the moment you leave.



All smiles, we were then directed to relax in a waiting area over looking a bustling Waikiki mid-day street. Before we even reached the seats to begin our preparation of relaxation, a warm, beaded-pillow with the texture of a wash cloth was placed around our neck (basically one of those neck pillows you can purchase at the airport shop before going on a long flight – VERY COMFORTABLE!). As we sat there waiting, a locally made tea was presented to us with wonderful dark and light chocolates. The tea was brewed with local ingredients and berries. While sipping on our tea (with pinkies up!) we received a “pre-massage” that all guest receive. They began with the feet. A warm cloth was handled by the masseuse and was softly pressed on the meaty areas. In the same instance, they slipped on what would be our “spa slippers” for the day. It was topped off with a very light massage in the hands and wrist area (also with a warm cloth). Keep in mind the “session” hasn’t even started yet.

Complimentary water infused with acai, pomegranate, and other antioxidants.
Local, organically grown berries, brewed into a warm tea to detox the body and prep the mind – Also included were dark and regular chocolates.




DSC07541After receiving our pre-massage, we were directed into a room (first picture) and instructed to shower in the jacuzzi and meet outside. From this room, we were led to lay on the beds (in the room next door) and from there we went from feet on the ground to our mind, body, and souls in the clouds. It was absolutely amazing. The massage therapists were great professionals at their craft. The ambiance was perfect. Perfect smells: Didn’t burn the nose, wasn’t too strong or faint; The oils used on us were local and organic. Perfect sounds: only quiet piano music playing, not too slow or too fast. Perfect touch: the professionals found the perfect pressure to apply and knew how to handle those troubling locations on our body. Perfect ambiance! Truly a well-worth-wonderful experience.

Author’s note: Opinions may be biased, solely on the fact that it was both Reid and Mary’s first full body Spa experience. 

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The Spa at Trump Waikiki
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Phone:(808) 683-7466

Thank you to The Spa at Trump Waikki for hosting our couple’s massage. All opinions are our own. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
– Lao Tzu

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