During our travels, Reid is usually the one to carry our camera backpack which means he has the responsibility of keeping track of all the electronics and chargers. That being said, he is in charge of whatever goes in or out of his backpack and how he organizes it. On a recent trip to Europe with my mother, I was left with the liability of the backpack. This time, however, I got to organize the contents the way I saw fit.

When it comes to being organized during our trips, I’m all about it! I’ve traveled with ‘packing cubes‘ for years, and it’s life changing when it comes to packing. Being that we’ve traveled more often the past few years, I’m always looking for ways to help organize our items. Since I was traveling alone (without Reid), I decided to look for items that would assist with keeping wires and cords in place.

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In the never ending endeavor to find more ways to keep organized, Porte Play reached out to us during the perfect time and had exactly what I was looking for: portable organizers. The organizers were ideal for all of the electronic gadgets that fit in our everyday travel bag. What drew me to their organizers was the modern and sleek look of the cases and bags (Bonus for Reid, he loves sleek looking things). They offer tablet cases, pull-apart organizers, pouches, large, and travel size organizers.

The Porte Play Pull-Apart organizers provide compact storage for small items. It’s designed with five elastic slots to fit a variety of different size cords and cables. The zippered mesh pocket fits large chargers and helps keep electronic accessories organized.

The Porte Play 2-Piece Pouch Set was used for easy, portable access to my cell phone, small cords, earphones and external chargers. I love that Porte Play organizers come in a variety of designs such as floral, black, and orange. Not much to choose from as far as colors because it caters to the modern, minimalist travelers, which is perfect for our likes!

Inside the backpack is our camera, drone, and what keeps it organize is the customizable dividers the backpack comes with.

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We’ve traveled with different camera backpacks, and this is by far the best one we’ve had. With it being full of electronics and essential gear, it weighs about 15lbs. However, it doesn’t feel like it when the chest and waist strap is connected. We Hope this helped you if you love to travel and stay organized (who doesn’t?!). We can’t recommend enough in investing in a great backpack and compartmental organizers for travel.

For more information on Porte Play, visit here.

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was sent products to feature and affiliate links included in this post. All our opinions are honest. Mahalo!

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