If you’re a frequent traveler, packing just right is key to having an enjoyable trip. You don’t want to forget anything, but you also don’t want to over pack! If you travel once a year or less, then you also need to know how to pack along with what things to pack (or things that can help pack lighter, smarter).


Take photos of documents to have a back-up just in case. Your passport is your lifeblood if you need to g back home. It’s best to take pictures of important documents or even bring physical back-up copies. The future is unpredictable and to lose an important document you need to travel is the last thing any one wants. Always be prepared for the worse case scenario!


Jet fuel smell and long airport stays are variables that can cause any clean material to smell horrible. Place a laundry sheet in your suitcase or carry-on to keep things smelling good. It is also known to deter the build up of static but who knows for sure? We sure don’t. Either way, who doesn’t like clothes you wear on the daily smelling fresh as if you just took the load out of the dryer?


If you’re bringing a hat, roll clothes up and put it inside. This aids in saving space in your luggage and keeps the hat from getting crinkled or rolled up, making it unwearable.


Packing cubes are a space saver and trusty organizer. There’s no fear of a zipper getting undone while your clothes spill out. To avoid this embarrassing event, use packing cubes! It is also perfect for unpacking. Instead of emptying everything out or refolding it to place in a cabinet, the cubes make access easy.


There’s no way you’ll fit your clothes into your packing cubes if you don’t roll your clothes! Rolling your clothes makes packing easier, allows for more room (more outfits, yay!), and limits the possibility of your clothes getting mixed (if you don’t have a packing cube) while being transported.


In this modern day, you’re going to be bringing some form of electronics which all have charging cables. Keep cable chords in a case. All your cables should be organized and located in one place for ease of access and less likely of any losses.


Use a clear bag for certain things – it’s easier to see what’s inside, for those “Can you get me my toothbrush?” moments.


Along those lines, put things in travel containers instead of bringing the full product. It saves space and provides for lighter travel.


Snap a binder clip on the razor for safety. You also don’t want your razor scratching up anything (like scratching a hole in your lotion allowing it to leak out over everything).


Put your socks in shoes and put it in a plastic bag or shower cap to keep the shoes from getting the rest of your clothes dirty. You’ll be able to carry more with all the space you save!



Don’t lose your jewelry in the depths of your suitcase. Don’t worry about them getting tangled up or destroyed in transit by rolling jewelry up in a towel (or some other material you’ll be using).

Alright, these are our little techniques of traveling/packing. Hopefully, with this advice, you can pack lighter, smarter, easier! If you have any recommendations that we are missing or you have a better solution, feel free to share them in the comments below! Thank you for reading. Safe and light travels to you and your goodies!

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