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In the newly renovated International Market Place, in downtown Waikiki, lies the world famous, Michelin star rated Yauatcha Tea House and Restaurant. With only two locations recently opened in the United States in 2017, we were lucky to have one open for business in our backyard of Waikiki, Hawaii.


Yauatcha is a luxurious and contemporary eatery that serves traditional Chinese (Cantonese) dishes such as Dim Sum, Duck, and Dumplings. The four pillars that make up the Waikiki location are Mixology, Tea, Dim Sum, and of course, Dessert!  Immediately upon entering, you feel you are entering a tranquil food temple. The smell of incense burning, sounds of clattering pans from the open kitchen, and the welcoming staff made it feel like you were in the heart of Shanghai.


As more of the ambiance bombarded us in the form of the traditional Chinese four leaf clover, (resembling good luck/fortune) plastered throughout the restaurant, we were guided to an outdoor table for a culinary adventure. As mentioned above, one of the pillars that make up this Yauatcha is their Flow & Prosper hour every week, Monday-Friday from 3 PM – 6 PM (1500 – 1800). The picture above is the grand bar area where you can taste those unique Asian cocktails and have fun at their mixology events!





Pillar number two is the variety of Teas, pictured above. All teas are uniquely named and have their own, distinctive tastes.





After getting comfortable, we ordered amazing drinks! Local ingredients infused with traditional flavors were refreshing on a hot summer’s day. We also received a pleasantly scented washcloth to cleanse our hands before handling our food.


The third pillar: Dim sum! (not pictured).


Chinese chive flower dumpling.
Water prawn and zucchini dumpling.


Crispy aromatic duck – Hawaiian spring onion, cucumber and homemade pancakes. I’m not a fan of eating duck. Growing up, I never liked the taste nor did I like the work it took in other Chinese Restaurant experiences (child laziness at its finest). However, after the server so delicately peeled the meat off the bones effortless for us, and preparing it properly, I immediately became of fan of this particular dish.

Prawn and crispy beancurd cheung fun – Mary’s favorite!
Crispy prawn dumpling with plum sauce
Pork and shrimp wonton in spicy sesame oil – Reid’s favorite!
Roasted duck pumpkin puff
At last, the final pillar that makes up Yauatcha – Desserts. Pictured above is the Tropical Dome – coconut dacquoise, lililko’i, and pineapple.
Cassis grand macaron – vanilla crémeux – Our favorite! One of the best macaron you’ll ever taste.
Apple vanilla choux – apple, Calvados raisin, crème diplomat, crumble choux
Regular sized Macaron and other desserts are available for purchase at the front before leaving.

It was a privilege to embark on this culinary adventure. I was honestly in astonishment of how tasteful Chinese food could be. I was never a lover of it and the only time Mary, and I had Chinese cuisine was because of family gatherings.  Yautacha has changed that outdated perception. The ambiance was lovely enough to sit and have a drink at the bar, the food, however, made the visit more than worth it! Best Chinese Restaurant on the island? Debatable but I’d say so. It deserves its own Michelin star. Thank you Yauatcha for changing my perception of Chinese food.

For more information on Yauatcha, visit here.
Yauatcha on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

2330 Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: (808) 739-9318



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  1. All of the food is so gorgeous!!! Wow! It’s going on our list of places to try while we’re working on Oahu. Thanks!