UntitledBefore we get too far into 2016 we wanted to publish a list of ‘firsts’. First time tasting new things, exploring new places, and experiencing new activities. With this being our first ‘firsts’ post, we hope to make each new list longer, annually! What is really humbling is the fact that many (or most) of these were actually bucket list dreams! Unfortunately, some things may not be a blog post as this was our first year blogging as well! We love this new journey we are on (and apart from using this blog as a tool to log our lives like a personal diary). We hope sharing our story will benefit, inspire, and motivate others to follow your dreams and accomplish the goals you set out!

We got engaged! (March 2015)
First trip as a couple (California)
iPic Theater experience
Went to an NBA game
Swam almost 2 miles out in Waikiki (Floatopia; July 2015)
First time hiking a sunrise (Koko Head) and sunset (Makua Cave) hike in one day!
Got a tattoo
Went Skydiving
Visited: Seattle, Washington
Contributed to the “Gum Wall”
First Cruise as a family: Alaska
Here’s a two for one: Helicopter ride – to a glacier!
Drank water from a glacier
Ate escargot (snail)
Stayed at Disney Aulani
Went Parasailing
Couples Spa/Massage (for Reid)/Facial (for Reid)



When you cease to dream, you cease to live.”
 Malcolm Forbes 


  1. What an awesome idea! I should be keeping track of my firsts too! Hope you’ve got some good ones for 2016 already! =)