Before Christmas, we received our first facial treatment from Pure Joy Day Spa and to start the New Year right, we scheduled a full body treatment/massage! It was also a great way to spend our 10th year anniversary of being together! Best. Date. Ever.


Maryrose opted for the The Pure Glow Body Polish – 90 min – $138 “The ultimate treatment for exfoliation and relaxation in one! Your skin will be gently exfoliated with a blend of lavender and minerals which will activate blood circulation and restore a vibrant silken glow. Then prepare for the ultimate in relaxation with an hour Swedish massage.” – Mary’s experience: ‘The body polish (body treatment) felt a little unusual at first because the feeling of a stranger exfoliating my body was something I have never experienced before. It took some getting used to. Aside from that, my skin felt wonderful; soft as a baby’s bottom. After thirty minutes passed, it was time for the full body massage. It was the most astonishing experience I have ever felt! Jan Koo was my massage therapist and did an amazing job focusing on the areas that needed to be focused on. I was a bit sore the next day, but it definitely loosened things up!

I chose The Deep Tissue Massage -60 min – $80 | 90 min – $110 “This technique uses firm pressure and a kneading motion to help target specific muscle groups. Tension relief and enhanced blood circulation are the results of this powerful massage.” – This was incredible. I’ll be honest, I have not received many massages but of all the ones I have received, Pure Joy Day Spa gave the best one, bar none. The staff were extremely informative on specific aspects of the massage and the masseuse was very knowledgeable in her craft. I acknowledged specific areas which needed some attention and without a doubt, my troubled area was treated with precision and firmness. I highly recommend getting treated with the deep tissue massage for those of you who are very active. My massage therapist (an expert in her craft in every aspect) was Maria Arceo! If you could, I would definitely ask for her! After the treatment I felt very lackadaisical and the day following felt like I went to the gym as my muscle tissue was repairing itself. I mean this with no exaggeration: 10/10 massage.

We we’re greeted with hot peach tea, which is possibly our all time favorite.


Turning over a new leaf for the new year, I plan to receive one of these therapies at least every other month! It was an Incredible experience. It’s a true luxury to have someone else caring for your body without you having to exert energy. We highly recommend Pure Joy Day Spa in Honolulu for facial, body treatment, and massage.

Special “Thank you!” to our massage therapists: Jan Koo and Maria Arceo!

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Thank you to Pure Joy Day Spa for hosting our facial treatment. All opinions are entirely our own.